Oh, That Sports Bar Food

1 Jan

Chicken Pasta

Smokey Chicken Pasta with garlic bread; Maytag Potato Chips with smoked bacon & green onions; and Irish Nachos made with fried potatoes, jack & cheddar cheeses, bacon, green onions, and ranch dressing.

This sports bar has been in town here for a while but I never had a chance to try it out.  So when they opened another new location closer to my whereabouts here, I decided to head down to try it out.

I loved the atmosphere and it’s a great place to watch sports—but I think I like my other sports bar better that I frequent.

The food was pretty good.  But to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that thrilled with the appetizer potato chips.  I did, however, fall totally in love with the Irish Nachos.  Oh my goodness—they were delish!  I had to get a second order of those suckers to take home with me since the ones on my plate didn’t last but a hot second.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, get a plate of those Irish Nachos from somewhere in your town.  I’m tellin’ ya.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Don’t wait on folks to go out to eat with you either.  The good thing about it is you get to eat all that marvelous food by yourself.  There’s no such thing as ‘sharing’ when you’re eating out by yourself.  Take advantage of it while you can.

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Stalking That Man El DeBarge

17 Dec


Oh, lordamercy!  My night was made.  There’s really not much to say other than I acted like a total crazy person stalking this man when he came to concert.

I don’t know if any of you have ever been on a stalking spree before, but there’s a process involved.  You, first and foremost, have to do your research.

  • Find out when the person is coming to town,
  • The hotel the person will be staying at,
  • The restaurants he’s likely to eat at while in town,
  • The cars he’ll be riding around in,
  • Someone who can give you the GPS coordinates of said car at a moment’s notice, and
  • Someone who can possibly get you front row seats along with backstage passes (namely the man himself)

Secondly, you have to make sure you look your absolute best, otherwise your chances are that much less.  What those less “chances” are is anyone’s guess though.  But dream on, I say!

El DeBarge

I’m pretty sure he was singing “Stay With Me” directly to me personally.  I mean—I don’t know who else he could have possibly been singing to when you really think about it.

I took a marriage license along in my purse on the stalking spree “just in case.”  I’m not sure how real I thought the “just in case” was going to be, but a girl can dream, can’t she?!

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A Trip To The South Bronx

13 Dec

Me in Chicago, IL

Well in the middle of October, I finally made it to New York after all these years.  My dad hadn’t seen his mother since he was around 20 years old!  So it was about time!

We decided to take a LONG train ride there because my dad isn’t getting on a plane unless it’s life or death—and even then we don’t really know.  I’m not a big fan of planes either—let’s get real.

I had never been on a train before—so I was looking forward to it.

The train ride on the way to New York wasn’t bad at all—especially if you can manage to get two seats to yourself to spread yourself out and relax.  The scenery out the window wasn’t much to write home about though.

The food on the train was even less exciting.  Not only were the prices outrageous as I would only expect them to be—but the food pretty much tasted just like it looked.  Thank goodness I brought lots of food and drinks from home, too.

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How I Became A Pimp

11 Nov


It all started one day when my dad innocently put one of his pimp hats on my head.  That girl didn’t stand a chance of being the same person again ever since.

My walk changed, my strut changed, my attitude changed, my fashion sense changed.  Now you know!  It runs in the family.

Move back and give me room, people!  THERE’S NO STOPPING ME NOW!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find pictures of yourself as a young-un and see if you still have the same fashion sense now that you had then.  See if there was a specific moment in time that made you the person you are today.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Never underestimate the power that just one accessory can have on transforming who you become in life.

Pimpin’ At Fashion Week

Pimpin’ At Fashion Week

6 Nov


Tie—Men’s Wearhouse

Here I am on my way out the door to go to Fashion Week this past September and what an amazing time I had!!  I always get excited when fashion week rolls around twice a year when it does.

It’s always fun to attend the shows and it definitely always gives me yet another reason to dress up—which I absolutely love to do!

Here I had some fun with accessories I pulled from my closet.  I had no idea how the look would turn out but I made sure to give myself plenty of time to play with different accessories and different ways to wear them—until I finally had a look I was happy with.


Headband—Icing by Claire’s

None of the accessories here are anything fancy or expensive and can be found and bought pretty much anywhere in your city.  So give it go!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find a hat, a tie, and/or different accessories you can play around with to wear to the next outing you attend.  Do something a little different from what you normally would with your look and find new ways to spice it up every now and again.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Everyone should always have a go-to pimp-look that can be pulled off at a moment’s notice.  Yes, they will look and stare—but SO WHAT!  There’s a reason they are doing so—IT’S GREAT TO BE YOU!

How I Became A Pimp
Fashion Week For Spring/Summer 2015

Fashion Week For Spring/Summer 2015

5 Nov

Fashion Week SS 2015

As anyone knows, I just LOVE fashion week when it rolls around.  There are always several shows to choose from to attend that week and I usually go to at least one of them.

For this particular week, I chose to attend the show where some of the “Project Runway” designers were showing their collections.  I mean, after all, I used to watch “Project Runway” on television all the time at one point—though I haven’t in a very long time.

Casanova, Michael Drummond, Laura Kathleen, Joshua McKinley, Althea Harper, and Anthony Ryan were the six designers who showcased this particular evening and let me tell you—I was expecting a little more from some of them since they were “Project Runway” designers.

I, personally, thought the “regular” designers from the shows last season presented much better clothing than some of the “Project Runway” designers did.  So I was a little disappointed—but I had a fabulous time nonetheless.

I mean, some of the fashion you see on the guests attending these shows are sometimes worth the entire experience.  It’s always a fun time!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, go to a fashion show for the loud music, the drinks, and to mingle with the other guests while at the same time knowing you may not be impressed with a lot of things coming down the runway.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Never get your hopes up when attending an event just because somewhat “famous” people are going to be there.  We’re all human after all.

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The Fun Of An Art Fair

1 Nov

Art Fair

So—I had the great pleasure of attending the annual 3-day art fair here in town held in the ritzy part of our city.  LOVED IT!  Hundreds of vendors, thousands of people, live music bands around, and food everywhere!!!

What’s not to love?!  I had a great time and I have to say—the food vendors were some of my favorite.  I made my rounds.  Any surprise?

Art Fair

So, if you have nothing else to do today, attend the nearest art fair in your city and make your rounds to every and all tents.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Bring plenty of spending money for all the art and food vendors.  You’ll kick yourself if you don’t.

A Wine Festival
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Rockin’ The Strawberry Festival

A Wine Festival

23 Oct

Wine Festival

YES!!  I had the pleasure of attending a wine festival this year with one of my girlfriends and how lovely it was.  I’d never been to a wine festival before and was a little excited as to what was might lie ahead.

Well, I can tell you WINE IS DEFINITELY EVERYWHERE!!  So make sure you eat a double cheeseburger and fries before you attend one of these shindigs, people!

This particular wine festival was being held on the grounds of an estate and tents were set up all around it.  Most of the tents had different vendors from various places selling bottles of their assorted wines and giving away free tastings of them all.  So—WHOA!  That’s at lot of wine going down your insides.  There were also other tents that were selling and giving away free tastings of different snacks of food—and you know I had no problem trying them ALL!

When we first arrived, we had to get wrist-banded so the vendors would know we were at least 21 years of age!  First things first, you know.  Then we were given our very own personal wine glass to enjoy all the tastings.

I’ll tell you—the lines to some of the tents were RIDICULOUSLY LONG!  I couldn’t believe how long we stood in one line just for a tasting!  So needless to say, we opted to go to tents with shorter lines—which were few and far between.  I mean, we stood in one line for 35 minutes at one tent just waiting our turn for a tasting!

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

And OH, I found a coffee cake tent!!  HEAVEN!!  And pumpkin coffee cake at that.  It was so amazingly good I had to buy a whole one just for myself to take home.  I swear I’m going to stalk this company and order more throughout the year.

In the end, all the food and drink tastings were awesome and I came home with one bottle of sweet red wine, one bottle of sweet white wine, pumpkin coffee cake, and a big jar of yummy apple butter.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, attend the next wine festival you can find in your town.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  If you don’t eat a double cheeseburger and fries ahead of time, you won’t be able to make your way around to all your rounds of wine tastings like you want to—if you catch my drift.

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A Lovely Charity Event

27 Sep


All dolled up and ready to leave for a charity event.  I had never been to a major charity event before this one and always wondered what it was like to attend one.

All the donations for this charity event went to one of the local hospitals for cancer research—always a good cause.

I arrived there early enough to see the stage being set up for music, a lady practicing her aerial stunts, and the tents being set up with tables, chairs and whatnot.

And, oh my.  Food was EVERYWHERE!!!  So many different restaurants had their own little areas where they were giving away samples of their food to all the attendees all night unlimitedly.  I just loved seeing so much food surrounding me.  It was a dream come true—to be surrounded by various types of food and unlimited eating!  Heaven!

Everyone was dressed in their finest attire.  The men were, oh so, very dapper in their suits and ties and the ladies so lovely in their cocktail dresses and 4-inch stilettos.  It was all very high-society, dahling.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find a local charity event in your hometown and attend it while dressed to the nines in your finest attire.  You’ll have lots of fun and help out a good cause at the same time.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  It’s always nice when you can give your money to attend a fun event while at the same time knowing your money is being put to good use and was well worth the cost to attend.

Time For A Festival

24 Sep

Ferris Wheel

So I took myself to a festival a few weeks ago so I could have some fun and get out of the house.  I have to say I actually enjoyed myself even though I went by myself.

I chose to go bright and early in the morning to this festival and arrived right at opening time.  That’s the best time to go, you know, because there’s not a lot of people everywhere yet.  You know how I roll.

It was fun to people-watch and eat up a storm.  You know how I LOVE food!  Festivals are some of the best places to eat to your heart’s content.  There were food tents everywhere!  I mean, how do you even begin choose?!

My first stop was for potatoes and onions.  They were pretty ‘meh.’  As I sat on a bench eating my bowl of potatoes and onions, I looked up and saw a FUDGE sign through a window that was directly across the street.  Oh, MAN, you know where I headed next!!  A piece of plain chocolate fudge was all I needed.

I later headed towards the carnival area.  You know a carnival is not complete without funnel cakes, cotton candy, and corn dogs.  So, since there was really no place for me to sit, I sat on the street curb and ate a corn dog and funnel cake.

The only thing I was baffled by was why they’d be selling hot chocolate at a carnival when it was almost 100 degrees outside!  Really?!

At some point, I made my way to a COBBLER booth.  No way was I passing that one up.  I chose the pineapple flavored cobbler.  It was to die for.

This was also the first time ever that I stopped at a psychic booth.  I really just did it for grins.  It was only $10 I was losing.  It was hilarious though because the very first thing she told me to do was sit down and take $10 out of my purse, put it into my right hand, and ball up my fist.

Then she proceeded to open my fist and take my money.  I couldn’t stop laughing on the inside because she was being so dramatic about it.  Even I saw that one coming!

I mean, why is she pretending the money in my palm is part of the psychic act of my palm reading—as if the spirits need the money in my hand first for my future to get predicted?  Just take my money and read my palm already!  Who are we really kidding here?

So, if you have nothing else to do today, take yourself to a festival full of fun, food, and laughter—even if you just go by yourself.  You’ll have lots of fun, trust me.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  A psychic is obviously only there to give you a generalization about your future life—not specific details like you’d hope for.  Saying you’ll have “happiness in your future” is something you can probably predict yourself.  In that case—we’re ALL psychic.  But giving detailed dates, times, places, and names of people and things that are going to happen in your future—now that’s a psychic.

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