Drunken Goat Grilled Cheese

Drunken Goat Grilled Cheese

Made with sourdough bread, drunken goat cheese, baby arugula, butter, and roasted shallot mayo.
Roasted Shallot Mayo made with shallot, garlic clove, olive oil, salt & pepper, and mayonnaise.

Well, this was my first time having drunken goat cheese.  Even though I had never heard of drunken goat cheese before, I already knew where I’d easily be able to locate some—at the health food store.

Whole Foods has hundreds of every type of cheese imaginable.  When I went to the cheese department to ask for it, they gave me a sample of it.  I could really taste the wine inside the cheese.  It was marvelous—then again, I’m a cheese lover through and through after all.

Shallot & Garlic

Shallot & Garlic cloves for roasting

Roasting the shallot and garlic in the oven for an hour caused the kitchen to have that strong garlicky smell just permeating throughout the house.

Drunken Goat Grilled Cheese

I ended up with WAY more arugula than what was required for two sandwiches.  There was only one size arugula container for purchasing.  I had no other use for the rest of it and I certainly didn’t want to make 30 grilled cheese sandwiches!

The recipe didn’t specifically say to spread both sides of both slices of bread with the mayonnaise mixture, but you’d probably want to in order to get that crisp golden brown color on each slice as it’s frying side down in the skillet.

Recipe for—Drunken Goat Grilled Cheese

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try a sample of drunken goat cheese at your local store and then wander home and make a grilled cheese sandwich out of it.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Make sure you can put the rest of the huge batch of arugula to use for some other reason if the only possible size that you can buy it in is a large batch to begin with.

Grilled Cheese Drivin’
Lovin’ A Pimped-Out Sandwich
My Fun Outing At Whole Foods Market

36 thoughts on “Drunken Goat Grilled Cheese

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  4. Arugula is a sharp experience, but tasty in salads with other greens.

    • I don’t have much experience with it.

      • It’s quite nice. Give it a chance, but don’t use too much in proportion to regular greens.

        • Thanks for the info. I probably would have used just as much, too.

  5. Drunken goat cheese! that sounds fun. 😀
    Does it taste alcoholic? 😀

    • It really does. There’s just a slight hint of a wine taste in the cheese.

  6. I’ve had a lot of Drunken Goat in Spain which is where it is from. I loved it! Never thought of putting it in a grilled cheese sandwich though, Bravo!!

    • It does taste rather good.

  7. That sound like a yummy sandwich

    • Cheese makes lots of things yummy that’s for sure.

  8. That is one fancy-lookin’ grilled cheese

  9. we don’t have drunken goat cheese here, but it does sound yummy. The extra arugula i would just put in a salad 🙂 to go with your sandwich

    • Yes, I probably should have made a salad of some sort.

  10. mona blue

    Try Manchego cheese if you’ve never had it. It is delightful. I’ve never had the drunken goat. Sounds good though.

    • I’ll have to. I love trying all sorts of cheeses.

  11. Delicious looking sandwich! Love the addition of arugula, with it’s nice peppery bite.

    • Thanks. It did have a different sort of taste to it.

  12. Liz

    I want to try this cheese! Great find 🙂 Also, great sandwich.

    • You’ll definitely taste a hint of wine inside it if you sample it at the store.

  13. Looks mouth -wattering!

    • It’s the cheese that does it.

  14. Looks good. I do similar with spinach and drizzle olive oil. People think vegetable sandwich crazy but they just don’t know how to eat the Greek and Italian way.

    • That’s some good eatin’!

  15. I am so hungry just looking at it !

  16. Never tasted drunken goat cheese.. You have an easier alternative??

    • I wouldn’t really know. I just followed a recipe. I suppose any type of cheese that melts really easily would do just fine. It would just have a different taste is all.

  17. The grilled cheese sandwich is one of the most nostalgic memories growing up. It doesn’t matter how old you become or how refined the taste–a grilled cheese sandwich can hit the spot.

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