A Beautiful Victorian Mansion

Victorian Mansion

How I just LOVE the Victorian era.  The first time I ever laid eyes on an actual Victorian mansion it overwhelmed me with so much emotion.

Though I’ve been to this mansion many times before, the very first time I saw this house a few years ago was the first time I’d ever laid eyes on a Victorian home in person.  I was so nervous on the drive up I could barely contain myself in the car.

I remember as I rounded the corner and saw this massive beauty for the first time, it almost brought me to tears.  I was frozen and couldn’t move.  My eyes were trying to take in so much.

Not only was it HUGE, it was Victorian—built sometime in the 1800’s.  Oh, my word how I fell in love—and that was just with the outside of the home.  I still hadn’t made it to the inside of the house yet.  I could only imagine what was in store for me.

Be still my heart.  Pure beauty!!

As much as I’ve read about this era over the years and collected Victorian pictures and had anything Victorian I could possibly get my hands on—you
can see why it consumed me with emotion to actually be inside a Victorian home filled with furniture for the first time.

My life couldn’t get any better than this at the moment I first stepped foot into this gorgeous mansion.

Just thinking about being transported back in time to the Victorian era makes me swoon.  The cars, the homes, the fashion, the furniture, the people, the top hats, the bustle skirts, the Christmas decorations—need I go on?  Oh, and the Rococo style is one of my favorites of this time period.

There was so much history to this house.  I felt the walls were speaking to me.  If only they could talk.

I was transported back in time if only for a moment.

I can never get enough of the beauty of all this gloriousness.

I really love these painted ceilings.  How beautiful are they?  I’d love to have my ceilings painted in such gorgeousness!

My heart aches for such beauty.  My favorite time period ever.  Oh, how I’d love a time machine.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, transport yourself back into time and immerse yourself in the Victorian era—or, at the very least, go buy yourself a tête-à-tête, invite a friend over, and have a chit-chat on it together.  Loads of fun.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  There are so many beautiful things about the Victorian era to see.  If only I could go back in time living in such a place—it would be ‘happy hour’ at the manse every day!!  Come one and all!

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46 thoughts on “A Beautiful Victorian Mansion

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  2. I love Victorian homes!

    • Aren’t they the best?!

  3. Love the wood work, thanks for the vicarious tour!

  4. Did you see “Midnight in Paris”? It is a Woody Allen directed movie with dual twists. Hint: The 20’s and The Victorian Age.

    Also – a superb British serial from the mid-70’s called “The Duchess of Duke Street” that starts out in the Victorian Age, but segues to the Edwardian – but the clothes . . . oh, the clothes . . . you will love ’em! The hotel is breathtakingly beautiful. It is the story of Rosa Lewis.


    If you have Netflix, do yourself a favor and watch an episode or two.

    Virtual hugs,


    • Thanks, Judilyn!!! I’ll have to check that out. I just LOVE looking at Victorian things. 🙂

  5. Love this!!!! Great pictures.

  6. Oh wow, that is unbelievably beautiful. I love anything from that time period, I have always been fascinated with the Victorian era.

    • Isn’t it awesome!! I just melt.

  7. skd

    I think it is awesome. Something amazing. Wonder who lives there. I can’t imagine people in jeans and jerseys moving about in the house.

    • No one lives there anymore. I think the city took it over as a historical landmark for tours. It’s just lovely!

  8. I can totally see you living there : )

  9. Stunning! I love Victorian homes too!! Beautiful pictures! !!

  10. As much as I love the detailing of the Victorian villa it does kinda spook me a bit. My favorite has to be southern style or contemporary…

    • If the walls could talk, what stories they’d tell……..

  11. Whenever I see a Victorian era painting, architecture, etc…hauntings become the first thing on my mind. LoL. I do not know why but the moment I saw this home, I thought ghosts. What made you stop by here? I do love the ceiling painting. But the decoration is honestly screaming horror movie. LOL.

    • Lol. That’s so funny you think of ghosts. You’ve been watching too many movies. I wonder if I’d be afraid to spend the night inside that big house. I’d probably be thinking of the souls that lived there in the past and would wonder what they did in this room and that room or if a vision of them would appear. Lol.

      • Good day…it is the look of the architecture. These homes are the ones you tend to envision as haunted by generations of people. LOL. I have to say, the movies do play a part. In fact, the movies are to blame. With every room I enter, the thought would be, “How many people have died in here over the years?” I would say that as I’m stepping right out of the door. But good luck to you for liking haunted houses, I mean Victorian mansions.

  12. I have a hunch you’d like Downton Abbey. 🙂

    You know, on BBC they have these series where they take a family and set them out to live EXACTLY as a person in the past would have. They set up the food, transport, home, appliances, etc and film them as a reality show for about three months to half a year. They’ve done WWII era, the iron age, and, yes, the Victorian age called The 1900 House.

    Looking for the link I found this, which I haven’t seen, but looks interesting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victorian_Farm

    • That’s interesting, Steven. Thanks. I’m probably one of the only people who have never seen Downton Abbey but have heard its name all over the place. Never knew what it was. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

  13. What a gorgeous home, and awesome photos – I could definitely live there too! I saw the movie, The Great Gatsby last year, what an amazing time period! ♥♥♥ ;^)

  14. Love the homes and jewelry but wouldn’t have wanted to live as a woman in the times, unless I was Royal or had tons of money, which most women did not. My small town has many homes from the late 1880s to early 1900s and the refurbished ones are really truly beatiful but ooohh my want money pits. THANX for the pix they are wonderful. dru

    • Thanks! I was definitely thinking of being in those times as a rich person. I don’t think I’d go back in time any other way.

  15. Ah, my love nearly bought a Victorian-era home — no mansion, just an ordinary home — but was outbid. We have a late 1920s home that’s charming and lovely itself and I suppose easier to have painted, but the thought of a house that goes back that far … well, it’s charming except on mornings like this when we’re waiting for the plumbing to be repaired and can imagine what it’d be like with a house a generation older yet.

    • Very true, but they’re so lovely to look at.

  16. wonderful post! good weekend!

    • Thanks and you as well.

  17. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Victorian houses not only have some wonderful features (if they were not ripped out in the throw away 70’s and 80’s) they also tend to have wonderful high ceilings. We have had a couple of Victorian and early Georgian houses and as we are both 6ft ish we appreciate the extra headroom. This is a wonderful example. Lots of nooks and crannies.

    • They’re so roomy.

  18. I wish the heating bills were Victorian, too.

  19. It seems like big old houses like that always have such a specific energy. You can practically feel that one through the photographs. Great choice for a post, “Cita.” 🙂

  20. Beautiful! Thanks for taking so many awesome pictures.

    • Glad you like them! It’s a beautiful mansion. 🙂

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