The Girls


Oh, look at the girls—or is it technically ‘girl’?  Although there are three Barbies here, there’s really only ONE Barbie in the world, right?  But I guess that’s neither here nor there.

I just love my high-fashion, stylish Barbies and their mirrored glass doll cases.  My favorite part of the girls—aside from the fact that they’re so gorgeous, fashionable, and look like they love to shop—is that they never seem to age!  Behold their beauty!  I mean, I’ve had these girls for several years after all and they seem frozen in time.  (There has to be something about those doll cases, I’m sure of it.)

So, if you have nothing else to do today, browse Barbie collector dolls for your enjoyment and their beauty—or at the very least get yourself a human-sized mirrored doll case for yourself to stand inside for a few years.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Mirrored doll cases seem to be the secret to staying young in life and preserving oneself as you can clearly see here.

How Can Such Innocence Be So Terrifying?

9 thoughts on “The Girls

  1. Nice display~ The “big brown bag” left me with some chuckles. Just out of curiosity, did the cases come with the collector dolls? As you can probably tell from my question, I do not collect dolls. Haha.

  2. wow–that’s cool! I loved Barbies when I was younger, so was excited to have my girls enjoy them, too. But turns out today’s Barbies are NOTHING like what we played with. More cheaply made and the clothes aren’t as fun either. Love that you’re taking such good care of your dolls 😀

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