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This post is strictly because I’ve only had ONE fashion post up now since I started this blog.  I’m not living up to the name of this blog very well.  It’s become more of a food blog (not that I’m complaining)—but I did warn everyone on my ‘About Me’ page that this would probably happen.

There are a few reasons the fashion department is lacking:

  • I haven’t been shopping for clothes, shoes, etc., in ages (totally unlike me)
  • I need to buy an actual camera that takes much better pictures than my cell phone is doing
  • I need to find people wearing something interesting that is worthy to snap and put onto this blog
  • I need to find an official photographer that can take pictures of me each day in my own clothes
  • I need to stop being so lazy and just do it all already

So the best I could come up with right now is a boring pair of flat black shoes.  I bought these shoes, mainly, so I could have a happy walk into work each day.  I’m a heels girl myself—the higher, the better.  But who in the world can walk miles in heels?!

When you have to walk two super long blocks from where your car is parked to where the front door of your job is located—pahleese!  I’d rather stab myself with a fork all the way there.  This is why I choose to carry my heels in a bag and walk in my flats so I can remain as happy as I’ll be for that day.  Then I change them.

So it was a Shoe Carnival buy one, get one half-off sale!!  They were the perfect fit and comfort level all the way around and it’s hard for me to find perfect black flats because there’s always something not quite right with them after I’m wearing them (too small, too big, too tight, they hurt, not comfortable, etc.).  You never really find these things out until after you’ve taken them home and worn them a few days.  By then, you can’t return them.

So since perfection was found with the first pair I bought, naturally, I went back and had them order more for me (since they were out of them by then) and I bought somewhere in the realm of between—hmmmmm, I dunno—3 to 5 pairs total (leaning more towards 5).

(Don’t judge me.  They’re gonna wear out quickly as much as I’ll wear them.)  Now if only I can pry that little circle off the front of them—not digging that too much.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, go to a buy one, get one half-off sale at Shoe Carnival or some other shoe store and find yourself the perfect pair of shoes.  Buy yourself several pairs if you love them that much like I did.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  If you walk in high heels for any distance, you ultimately end up walking like Frankenstein and have the same look he has on his face.  And there’s nothing sexy or attractive about it.  And trust me when I say I’ve seen you look that way, ladies!  Pain is too hard to hide.

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20 thoughts on “A Basic Black Flat Shoe

  1. A pair of basic black flats is a great thing to have in any wardrobe, and your like me I would rather wear heels but sometimes I would rather look good but still have a nice comfort like flats. I love your post about fashion cant wait to see more!

      1. Of course! I appreciate you following my blog, I hope you enjoy my posts im very knew to blogging, so if you have things you would love to see please let me know!

  2. In HK you walk or use public transport mainly. I always carry my heels in my bag to and from work, infact most people do. Funniest is after the bars and clubs close the girls are taking their flipflops out from their bags

  3. I’m a ‘high heels’ girl but black flat shoes are quite helpful to me these days because I’m pregnant and high heels are not really advisable/comfortable to wear everyday at work. I like the design of your shoes. They look comfy…

    1. Thanks. Yes, they’re always more comfortable than heels. Wear what works for you. You’ll be back in heels soon!

    1. I wish there was no pain with heels. Mine don’t really hurt or bother me at all unless I’ve been standing or walking for a REALLY long time.

  4. I have a pair of flats that look exactly like that, except without the round button! I’m not a heels girl at all, I’d probably twist my ankle on the way to falling on my face. 🙂

    1. Ooooo, I need your shoes without the button. Lol. Yeah, some people just aren’t heels people and that’s ok.

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