Moving My Blog & Why I’ve Been MIA

Me in an airport

Hi, everybodyyyyy!  I hope each and every one of you are doing fabulous as always.  You all still look beautiful from what I’ve seen!

Anyway, I decided to self-host my blog a while back—and if all goes well, all of you who have subscribed to follow me via the WordPress reader should move over seamlessly.  (I’m keeping my fingers crossed anyway.)  Any of you who have subscribed to this blog via email should not be affected whatsoever (let’s hope).

The entire process of converting over has been a little technical and time-consuming for me to say the least (hence, a big part of the reason for my absence).  But all the hard work I put into it was totally worth it.  I’m still trying to make this blog look the way I want it to in the easiest way possible on my own without any hired help.  (Always try the least expensive way first, I always say.)  But that involves a lot of researching, reading books, and Googling on my own during what little free time I can find.  This will be a constant work in progress as I’m always finding new ways to tweak it.

I hope to also write about my blogging experiences in the hopes of possibly helping any of you along the way in your blogging adventures—whether you’re just starting out or have decided to go to the next level.  I’m glad to pass along what I’ve learned and help you avoid any mistakes I made during the process.  I even learned how to do some of my own “coding” behind the scenes—if you can believe that!  I don’t envy programmers at all.  That’s one thing I’ve never had a desire to do in life—be a programmer.  But yet I taught myself a little about how to do it.

Also, I just recently returned from vacationing in India for about 16 days and can’t wait to tell you all about my exciting adventures there!  (I mean, when did I become a world traveler?)  But once I get all the ins and outs figured out of self-hosting this blog, I’m hoping to be back in your faces on a more consistent and regular basis.

I’ve definitely missed each and every one of you lovely people!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, think about and then start the process of self-hosting your own blog.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Self-hosting your blog can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you and bring you different types of freedom in your life you never knew possible.

43 thoughts on “Moving My Blog & Why I’ve Been MIA

  1. Oh, congrats! And hope you had fun on your trips in India and so on :). I’ll keep an eye out for the new blog when I’m active… I haven’t really been on wordpress much these months either.

  2. Congratulations, Cinta! Good for you. Wow! I was wondering about you. Good luck and please share how you did it. I’m glad that you are back. Best wishes to you. 🙂

  3. Good for you! I, too, may self-host within the year. For now I’ve moved my attention from my personal blog, to my new blog Growing through blogging is a fun ride 😀

    1. Lol. Oh dear. It just basically means that you “own” your blog and can do whatever you want to with it–unlike how I was doing it before.

  4. Glad to have you back! Congrats on the move, I know what a huge undertaking that can be. Your trip to India looked amazing, can’t wait to hear more about it!

  5. WELL THIS IS EXCITING NEWS!! I thought you had stopped blogging…hon I migrated to a self hosted platform but I paid a more techy mate to help me do it. I still had to do a lot of research and writing…this blogging aint easy…when you see the final result it looks so easy peeeezy but its far from it. Wishing you the best of luck and cant wait to see the final result ( :

    1. Thanks, Biki. I guess I did technically stop for 5 months mainly because of all this. But that’s great for you, too, and your blog! So far I’ve done most everything by myself and it’s a lot of work. I paid for my hosting company to migrate it for me tho but I’m still doing all the behind the scenes work myself. If it ever becomes too hard for me to figure out, I’m definitely going to hire someone to do it for me. Good luck with yours as well. Your site looks wonderful.

  6. luck! will keep an eye (my good ‘un) opened, and keep ya posted on the “seamless” part.
    … speaking on behalf of all yer followers, I wanna say… “we MISSED you something severe!!

    1. Thanks so much, Dan. And please let me know if you ever see anything strange happening with the “seamless” part from your end. I’ve missed you guys, too. Just been trying to figure out how to revamp myself with my blog and all. I swear I’m gonna try to stick around more the best I can. Let’s see. 😉

          1. Well, apparently, I should have looked up and read this message too before responding to the other one. Lol. Good to know. I need to figure out why everyone was “moved over” but yet kicked off anyway. It seems the same people are having to re-follow me all over again. That defeats the purpose of WordPress automatically “moving the subscribers over.” What a joke.

        1. Really?! That’s so irritating. It clearly moved all my followers over behind the scenes so I’m confused why it shows in the reader for some people and not others. I swear it’s a pain getting this self-hosting thing done properly. Please do let me know if it ever shows up in your reader. I’m still trying to figure things out on my end. Oh, btw, if the follow button didn’t get it to show I think you can copy & paste the url of this blog into your reader directly, too, if you hit the “manage” button. Maybe that will work if you prefer the reader. I don’t know.

  7. Glad to see you back and what a LARGE project. I have too much to do besides trying to self-host, my blog is not as impressive as yours and so I’ll stay where I am….but I’m SSoooooo happy to be able to follow you again. I’m an email follower so I should just be able to resume since you’re going to resume but if something comes up, I’ve saved your http:… I can get back to you if I don’t get emails.

    I’ve gained a few followers since you’ve been away so I have NO IDEA how you kept up with all of yours, my hat is off to you. Anyway if you remember me, my name is dru and my blog is , welcome back and I’ll be following you.

    I don’t want to send you a virtual hug like judilyn, so go out and hug someone and pretend the first hug is from me.


    1. Lol. You’re so funny, Dru—but thanks for the hug. 🙂 Of course I remember you and everyone else, too! And I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in 5 months! I’ll have to not let that happen again.

      Yes, it’s been a massive project but I’ve enjoyed most parts of it. I ran into some problems with the “http” and “https” issue. People were getting error messages that my blog didn’t exist because they were clicking the link with the “https” and the “s” disappeared when I moved over because the security certificate was with So once I figured all that out, I got my own SSL certificate. (But I need the certificate for other reasons as well.) So now even if you click my link without the “s” on the end of “http”, it should still redirect you automatically to the “https” link.

      Yes, it’s VERY hard to keep up with what few followers I have now across all my social media accounts, but I try my best to do what I can. That’s the reason I downloaded them all to my phone. 😉 So I can do it on the go when I find pockets of time in the day. Let’s see if that works out tho. 😉 But thanks for your lovely comment as always and I’m hoping to be around more soon.

    1. I’ve missed you toooooooo, Judilyn! 🙂 Thanks for replying. I needed a tester. This was my first post since I migrated my blog and I was hoping it worked. Hope I see more of you in the near future.

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