Your Car Is Not A Dining Table

Bread Pudding To-Go in car

For some reason, my car keeps making a pit stop at that wonderful hometown diner after I leave work each day.  And bypit stop’ I mean literally 10 miles out of my way in the opposite direction from the way I go home each day.  But that’s neither here nor there.

This is Bread Pudding Monday and I’ve been craving a piece all day.  So I plan to take one home with me to eat while I relax.  Then I run inside and grab two for the road.  How does that happen?

But I always need an extra one on hand because it’s a WHOLE 7 days before Monday hits again for that bread pudding.  So I settle in the car, bread pudding in the bag next to me, and head home.  I could smell it wafting through the car.  I could practically taste it.  So I had no other choice.

But just because you can’t wait to get home to eat your bread pudding to-go doesn’t mean you should set up a dining area in your car while driving like I did, people!  Still searching for the one bite that fell off my fork and rolled God knows where.

Don’t try this anywhere, guys. I’m clearly a bad example.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, you’re more than welcome to help me look for that bite in my car—OR better yet, find a local hometown diner you can make a ‘pit stop’ at after work each day that’s 10 miles plus out of your way.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Eat the bread pudding AT the restaurant OR pull the car over, set up shop, and go to town on the bread pudding in a NON-moving vehicle as the other cars stare at you in disbelief (or jealousy, is what I think).

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