A Deluxe Breakfast Bake

Breakfast Bake

Made with garlic & cheese croutons, cheddar cheese, ham, eggs, milk, ground mustard, cream of mushroom soup, frozen hash browns, paprika, and pepper.

So I tried a breakfast bake that actually looked and sounded better in the food magazine than it actually did in real life.  Well, I guess it looked just fine but the taste was just so-so.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as fabulous as I would have liked.

Needless to say, this won’t be staying around for my recipe binder.  It was good enough that I was happy I had something to eat all week.  It was just fine, but it didn’t have that “wow” factor.  You know?

And don’t get me started on frozen hash browns vs. freshly shredded potatoes.  Talk about a taste difference!  There is clearly a difference, people.

Recipe for—Deluxe Breakfast Bake

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try making your own breakfast bake putting your own little spin on it and concocting it your way.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Try using fresh potatoes where a recipe calls for frozen hash browns.  I bet it’ll make loads of difference just with the potato taste alone.

Eggbert’s Sunriser—A Hash Brown Goulash
Fried Potatoes

26 thoughts on “A Deluxe Breakfast Bake

  1. I’ve mostly come to accept that my search for fresh hash browns that I like in a restaurant will be met with failure, but there’s part of me that will just keep trying anyway.

  2. LOVE baking!! Not desserts either … talkin’ ’bout dinner, breakfast … any meal I can leave in the oven, wait till it’s done … then, have it waiting for me! And LOVE the one dish clean-up afterwards!

  3. looks so good, I’ve tried similar and so good, unfortunately potatoes aren’t in my diet anymore. I wonder how it would be with shredded turnips.

  4. Have never been a fan of Taste of Home–recipes are passable, but never go to spectacular. Sounds like you had the same experience. Agreed fresh vs frozen.

  5. At least you tried it and now you know. It is difficult for me to go outside of the realm of what I cook at home from my head. I know what I like. I dislike wasting…it’s great that it was at least good enough to eat instead of tossing it. Hope your weekend was good. Raining here! A lot!

    1. I’ve only ever wasted ONE entire dish I made because the recipe was THAT awful. Most everything I make is good enough to eat even if I don’t think it’s the greatest or will ever make it again. Freezing cold here but I had a relaxing time staying indoors keeping warm. Hope you keep dry there!

  6. Totally unbelievable! My non-posted poached egg breakfast today also involved frozen hash browns. Suffice to say that the rest of the package currently resides in the garbage can! How did we both try the same product on the same day with no prior consultation?

    1. Lol! Live and learn, Judilyn, live and learn. Boy, once you get used to eating fresh foods it’s hard for my taste buds to go back to frozen or processed. Just doesn’t taste the same.

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