A Sweet Drink At Brio

Drink - Black Raspberry Cosmo

Blackberry Raspberry Cosmo made with Sobieski citron vodka, black raspberry liqueur, simple syrup, cranberry, and fresh lime juices.

Though I’m not really a “drinker” of sorts, every once in a blue moon on very rare occasions I’ll have a drink with friends while out and about.

Here we had the pleasure of enjoying happy hour at Brio Tuscan Grille.  The only drinks I appear to like have to taste somewhere along the lines of Kool-Aid, fruity, or anything really sweet.  Alcohol taste is just not very pleasing to my particular palate so I prefer if I can’t “taste” that part of it very much.  (Plus the effects of too much alcohol are just not that great on the body and face from my personal observations.  So, no thanks.)

We also took the liberty of enjoying the happy hour menu.  I mean, who doesn’t love good food for cheap?  Of course, happy hour is only during a certain time-frame, but it usually starts late in the afternoon/early evening when most people are getting off work.

But as long as you get your order in before happy hour is over, you can get the appetizers and drinks cheaper than usual.  What’s not to love about that?!  I had the pleasure of enjoying the Tomato Mozzarella Salad and friends enjoyed the Beef Carpaccio and whatnot.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, go out with your friends during happy hour and enjoy food and/or drinks for cheap.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  What’s not to love about life anytime you can save yourself some money and still enjoy good food and drinks?

23 thoughts on “A Sweet Drink At Brio

  1. your cocktail looks lovely. I never did much with happy hour when I was younger and now regret that as it’s a tough timeframe to get out for when married with kids. And I love paying less for food and drink. Though cocktail hour can always take place at home, right? The price is really right then 😉

  2. A lot of those within my industry are Jewish and during the planning of my wedding, one of my buds who happens to be Jewish, was discussing the ring selection process with me. He said, “You need to start shopping like we do. Why pay retail when you don’t have to? You have far too many Jewish friends to still pay retail, when you can go to the source and pay wholesale.” LOL. Ever since then, it has completely altered my concept of buying big ticket items retail. Point is, who doesn’t like a sale or buying things on cheap? I surely enjoy it. Why pay $500 per night for a room, if you can somehow get it for $200? I don’t drink, but I hear happy hour is the place to be for drinks on the cheap.

    1. Drink AND food! I go mainly for the food since I’m not really a drinker. You gotta love a good deal and discount no matter where you find it. That’s where networking can come into play. It’s even better when you get things FREE!

    1. I know. What’s that about when it makes you tired and sleepy?! I’m better and more fun with non-alcoholic drinks mostly.

  3. Looks yummy! Like you, I don’t drink much. That said, I discovered a yummy Ruby Red martini. There’s so much grapefruit and grapefruit juice that it almost tastes like it could be good for you. Almost…
    (Great post and writing, as always! Love seeing something from you first thing in the morning!)

  4. Looks dangerously yummy! 🙂 It would be easy to drink too much of these, I think. I have a pretty high tolerancee – must be my Finnish blood. Well, FEMALE Finnish blood, that is… the men are notorious lightweights. Ha! Still, I would sip this one with caution! Glad your hour was happy!

  5. Might be easy to slurp this down too quickly! I’d fall off the stool, outta the chair, or slide right under the table. Booze puts me to sleep in a trice! ;-> Snrggggg!

    1. You, TOO? That’s the other reason I don’t like drinking. I have no idea why it makes me so tired. I’m much more fun at a party without it.

      1. I can stay partially conscious, but my lips go numb, my eyes slam shut, and I can’t speak – some would say that is a good thing! ;->

        Virtual hugs,


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