A Burger Joint With Friends


Cheeseburger made with Worcestershire sauce, stuffed American cheese, lettuce, and mayonnaise.

If you’ve never had a plumpalicious burger stuffed with cheese in the middle that clearly oozes out cheesiness with every bite, well—you’re missing out on a good portion of life.

There’s nothing like going to lunch with some friends to a burger joint you’ve never tried before.  I get such joy in trying out new things—especially when food is involved.  I must say, I had a marvelous time, too.  The menu was full of a variety of assortment of very descriptive burgers—that it was almost impossible to decide which one to go with.

Oh, they served other things on the menu too—but they’re known for their burgers so I figured I’d give a burger a whirl.  And, BOY, did I choose a good one!  I was so deeply involved in my burger I couldn’t even talk amongst friends.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, become one with a fantastic burger at a burger joint near you—and preferably with some friends.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Learn to multitask and acknowledge your friends at the table while at the same time admiring your burger.

Houston’s Veggie Burger
Red Robin Burger
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46 thoughts on “A Burger Joint With Friends

  1. I learned something in that comment about Japan! I like burgers with sauce and all the fixings, too! This is making me hungry! Thanks for liking my posts, my friend! Smiles, Robin

  2. Num..NumNumNum…

    My mother used to make us stuffed hamburgers way…..back in the 60’s!

    She’d mix fresh minced onion, grated cheddar cheese, and grated apple then stuff them and grill them. Sometimes she’d grill sliced fresh pineapple as a side too.

    This time your blog took me back to summers as a kid. THANX! dru

  3. If it were up to my bud Darin, burgers would be a food group. Lol. How would you compare these to Shake Shack burgers? I haven’t had beef in years, but my wife loves Shake Shack.

    1. I’ve never heard of Shake Shack before, but even though this burger was awesome—I love my Five Guys Burgers and Fuddruckers burgers, that’s for sure!

      1. She also likes Five Guys. The nearest one to us closed down. She was anticipating it all day and upon arriving, it was no more. The look of disappointment on her face…it was hilarious. LOL. If that happened to me, she would turn and jokingly say, “whomp whomp.”

  4. so now I am thinking about making burgers for my family tonight. I grate cheese and put chopped bacon bits into my burger meat as well as on top, so you get bacon and cheese in every bite – i may have to have one for lunch today as well and stuff it with cheese.

  5. There is a special location in my brain that is dedicated just to those restaurants that have mind-blowing hamburgers. Either they were discovered totally by accident, or, in some cases, I caught sight of one on its way to another table. And even then, passing the test is not a slam-dunk. There is also the texture of the meat itself. Having had my owned meat market for some 14 years, I know that many restaurants buy their paddies already made which are a pressed affair from a paddie making machine. This compresses the ground meat and gives it a chewier texture. But no matter how wonderful the bun and fixings, a hand-made paddie is what makes the burger perfect. The only way I can describe it is it’s “fluffier, and plumps when fried or broiled. The one you have pictured looks to be a perfect example of the latter. Yummy!

    1. Oh, this definitely was. I prefer ’em hand-made. Those “already pressed” patties remind me of McD’s or some other such place. Just isn’t the same.

  6. There is probably a good reason why I include six burger buns with each batch of homemade bread. Is there anything as innately satisfying as a burger done YOUR way?

    Virtual hugs,


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