Does This Mean I'm Official Now?

Business Card front side

Ooooooo, look what I got today!  I just fancy my business cards!  I guess this means I’m official now.  I pretty much felt forced to get these after that Whole Foods incident.

The company I bought these from gave me my first set for free.  But after I chose the ‘high-class’ thick and glossy paper AND had the nerve to put print on the backside too (as only a high-maintenance-acting chick would do), I ended up paying a nice sum for these anyway.

BUT—heretofore—if somebody asks me if I “have a card” because I’m taking pictures somewhere, I can go “BAM!”

Business Card back side

There were several designs I could have had put onto the back of these—and I chose the one that was desperately needed—I mean, the art of tipping has gone kaput.

Sooooooo many people either:

  1. Don’t realize they should be tipping
  2. Don’t have the math skills to tip properly
  3. Are too cheap to tip (there, I said it!)

Either way, I think tipping should be taught by parents within families and within the school systems.  No wonder some people are clueless.  I was one of those people at one time.

I didn’t learn this at home or in school.  Oh, noooooo.  I only realized this on my own one day while watching a talk-show on television.  I felt AWFUL after watching that show because I had NO IDEA I should have been tipping all those peeps all this time.

So the ‘Tip Chart’ on the back is for those who don’t have a clue and for those not great at math in their heads.  And 15% has really gone ‘out of style.’  If your server did their job—move your eyeballs over to the 20% column—especially if you can afford it.

These guys get $2 and $3 per hour and can’t pay their bills or take care of their families if they come to work for tips and no one is leaving a tip.  They’d essentially be working for free!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, get yourself some business cards made—just because you can.

  • Just throw your name on it
  • What you ‘do’ (Couch Potato, TV Watcher, Doodler, Paper Footballer, Food Eater, etc.)
  • Your mission in life (to stare out the window)
  • Your contact info OR, better yet, put “Don’t want to be contacted” on them

You’ll feel important once you get your very own business cards in your hands.  Then just pass ’em out all over the place!

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Always tip people who are in the service industry and tip them the proper amount.

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16 thoughts on “Does This Mean I'm Official Now?

  1. in fact, america is one of the few counties where tipping exists. companies should not be so cheap and pay their employees more! that said, i am a very good tipper 🙂

  2. i lived in asia for awhile and you don’t tip there… servers make a normal wage and i think that’s the way it should be here!

  3. I was guilty too… Now i keep it simple, i tip $1 for every $5 unless they’re horrible then it’s half that with a sad face drawn next to it incase they just thought I was cheap.

  4. I was so guilty of not tipping good. I figured “i’m a college student, they’ll understand.” but i started tipping even the mediocre server, cause maybe they were just having a bad day? but thanks i’m saving this tip chart so i can remember how much to tip lol

    1. No problem. I feel for servers sometimes. But I also “check” them, too, sometimes if I don’t think they’re doing as good a job with me as they could be. I’m tipping them with my hard-earned money after all!

  5. Thank you for sharing that tip chart 🙂 I’m a server, and we make $3.93 an hour, so we need tips to make a living! Some days when it’s slow we make almost nothing, so thank you sooooo much!

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