Gooey Butter Cake Heaven

Butter Cake

Ooohhhhh, my goodness!  What can I possibly tell you people about this fabulous butter cake that would even come close to having you comprehend its divineness?

Now, I didn’t make this particular cake myself.  I do, however, have plans to attempt to make this personally at some point in the future once I find the correct recipe.

This particular cake came from a local coffeehouse.  This super nice man I know bought one for me one day on a whim. (He surprises me like that sometimes with scrumptious treats.)  I had no clue what it was, but it looked yummy.  So I took a bite and———OH, MY, HEAVENS TO BETSY!!

Now THAT is some yummy, gooey, crunchy, rich, sweet, heavy, buttery cake if I ever tasted one.  This is my personal opinion, of course—but I just couldn’t stop buying it every day since that point once I found out where he bought it from.  What has this man done to me!!!

I mean, we all know I’m already on a cinnamon roll kick—but I clearly need an additional addiction.  This is now my go-to cake.  And y’all know I’m not gonna stop at one slice.

Butter Cake

Well, the very next day I called the coffeehouse to find out what the name of this square thingy was and they said, “Oh, you must mean the butter cake.”  So the next opportunity I had, I went to the coffeehouse to make sure we were talking about the same thing.  Once I saw it, I bought a piece—or two.  Aw, yeah!!  Now we’re talking.

I am so insane for this cake that I did research on the Internet to find a recipe for it.  There were so many different types that I had to search by pictures first to see which picture came the closest to looking like this particular buttery goodness.

Most of the pics that look like this call this ‘Gooey Butter Cake.’  Oh, the ‘gooey’ just makes so much sense.

And you really are not allowed to talk to me while I’m eating this madness.  I’m in a whole other orbit not to be messed with.  Just let me have my moment to be one with the cake.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, do some research and hunt down this buttery fabulousness in your area to hoard for yourself.  And if you can’t easily find it, just bake one yourself from a recipe that looks like the pics above.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Ask the coffeehouse how much it would cost to buy a WHOLE cake next time (if such a thing is possible).  I mean, who are we kidding here with these slices?  Once you find something that transcends you into another orbit—go and become one with it in peace.  It’s a love like you’ve never experienced before.

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