Capellini Al Forno

Capellini Al Forno

Made with capellini pasta, chopped prosciutto, shredded smoked mozzarella cheese, grated parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, fresh flat-leaf parsley, eggs, butter, salt & pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil; served with marinara and tomato-basil sauce.

Well, this recipe called for a springform pan of which I did not own.  So this forced me to go shopping—as only I love to do.  I’ve never used a springform pan before and never knew what you’d need to use one for.

I figured if you had a round baking dish, why not use that?  But NOW I understand.  It all started to sink in after I used the little dillymajoogles on the pan to snap and unsnap it.  How cool is that?!  (It’s the little things that excite me.)

I love when I ‘live and learn’ something new all the time.  Of course, I’m totally in love with my springform pan now.  Now, hmm, what else to make in it?

This recipe didn’t have much flavor on its own for my taste buds so I definitely needed lots of the marinara sauce to go with it for flavor.  If you wanted to eat it without the sauce, you’d probably need a little more salt or prosciutto to give it a little more oompf.

Recipe for—Capellini Al Forno

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find something that you can make inside a springform pan and have some fun unsnapping and snapping it into place.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Apparently springforms are for those recipes you can’t just turn upside down or there’ll be a big mess to contend with in some cases.  Springforms keep the pretty shape all nice and neat.

12 thoughts on “Capellini Al Forno

  1. Ice cream cakes work well in springform pans. Just let the ice cream soften a bit so you can spread it in the pan, top with crumbled cookies or something for the center and freeze that layer. Then soften a different kind of ice cream or more of the same, your choice and spread another layer over the cookie crumbles. Freeze that and then top with hot fudge sauce and freeze again. You can serve it like that, or put sprinkles or something on the hot fudge before freezing that layer, or add frosting flowers or words like “Happy Birthday” after the fudge freezes.

  2. Your lovely looking dish wasn’t flavorful enough? With prosciutto and two cheeses? 🙂 The parsley should also have added some “tang” to it?

    Dillymajoogles? Now that’s girlie! Lol

    Try bittersweet chocolate mousse cake in your new gizmo!

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