I'm On The Case In Hot Pursuit!

Car Chase

Sooooo, I was out gallivanting early this morning and had to make a pit stop at someone’s residence before heading to another.  Just a couple of quick errands is all.

I park my car on the street, put my hazards on, run into a building, and just happened to look out the window of the building as I was leaving it two minutes later when a car pulls up alongside my car very slowly.

Now—I thought this was very suspicious behavior because there was a vast amount of parking directly behind my vehicle.  So why pull parallel to my car?????  Hmmmmm?  That’s odd.

Someone jumps out on the passenger side, proceeds to try to open my driver’s side door with no luck since it was locked, and hops back into the car and they leave as if nothing happened.

And, I myself, being Nancy Drew and all was on the case!  The Sherlock Holmes was itching to come out in me.  Though I probably shouldn’t have been on the case in the first place.

These so-called thugs never saw me at all when they did this dastardly act.  So I sprinted down the stairs out the door and hopped into the car with detective hat on.

Naturally, I turn down the side street that I saw them turn down and I followed with cell phone in hand.  I finally caught up to the thugs and was directly behind them when I tried to take a picture of their license plate—but my cell phone did not focus clearly in time before they made another turn.  (Dumb blurry cell phone!)

How could I completely forget about my brand new camera I had on me which would have done wonders with its zoom factor and all?!  Dang it!  Well I followed the heathens just a couple blocks before they realized I was the same car that they just tried to pry open.

Now the chase was on!  They started driving like maniacs trying to dodge me as best they could.  It wasn’t the smartest thing for me to do and I probably won’t do it again—but in this instance, at least I scared the dickens out of them.  After a few blocks, I gave up.  My life wasn’t worth all that.

What a couple of lowlife thugs.  I mean—how pathetically sad is your life that you choose to attempt to break into cars early on Saturday mornings with your time.  I really should feel sorry for the bloody blokes that their lives have come to this.  Poor souls.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, be on the lookout for bad guys.  Make sure your car doors are always locked and the inside of your car clean, spotless, and empty—and maybe don’t chase after the bad guys when you do see them.  Leave that to our lovely officers.  (Unless there’s a child involved in a snatching, of course—then IT’S ON AND POPPIN’ till you run out of gas!!)

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Always have your local emergency services on speed-dial on your celly for situations such as these.

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39 thoughts on “I'm On The Case In Hot Pursuit!

  1. I don’t know where or what country you live in… but here on southern California – I wouldn’t pursue them and try to shoot their license plate. These criminals who choose to not pursue an honest life may actually shoot you, my dear. Please be careful…

  2. All that risk, time, effort, and not to mention, gas just to steal what? a hit or miss things. Or did you really leave things laying around inside your car?

    1. No, I don’t leave things laying in my car. I don’t know what they thought they were going to get. Maybe they just wanted the car and thought the keys might still be in it. Who knows!

  3. That was insane! Don’t ever do that again. What if the thugs would have stopped their car and gotten out with guns drawn? You have to be careful. It would have been awesome if you could have taken the picture of their license plate though. Oh well. Ha,ha!

  4. Great story!! Guess you like adrenaline! You had me on the edge of my seat! You were smart to lock the door!

    I always lock my doors when parked (even in my driveway) and while driving!
    Your story shows, these things happen and they can happen to you. I always marvel when people say, “I never thought it could happen to me.”

    Stay safe and don’t go chasing cars and criminals!!!
    ♥ carmen

  5. Hi Loving 😀 Wow !! You were so brave. You could always install a video camera in the car. There are so many crashes in Russia that people put cameras in for insurance purposes. Ralph xox 😀

  6. Sounds like an adventurous Saturday morning and lesson learned all rolled into one! Careful out there though…too many crazies these day :-/

    1. Yeah, that’s kind of why I just stopped after a few blocks. Not worth it. Plus I had errands to run and they were wasting my time.

  7. That was very brave of you and something that I may have done myself but instead I wouldn’t have made it as obvious. I would have pulled up close enough to have written done their tag. Keep in mind that you life is way more valuable than a car that can be replaced.

  8. Holy cow! Such excitement! Could you remember any part of the license plate? The police might have been able to match it up with a car if you had a few bits of the plate and some idea of what kind and color the car was. But agree that catching them would not have been a good idea!

    1. I couldn’t remember a lick of it, Judilyn, because I didn’t ever really see it. I told the cops on the phone what color car it was but that’s about the only info I had. I would have had better luck had I been thinking about pulling out my new camera with the zoom lens. When I was 5 inches behind them at a stop sign, I was too busy looking at the cell phone for it to focus so I could snap the pic. It takes a couple of seconds to focus clearly, but by then they had turned the corner and were on to who I was. The only pic I got was the one above when they started speeding. Darn the luck!

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