Casino Buffet Eating

Casino buffet plate

Fried chicken, cream corn, baked beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, and baked potato chips.

So here’s yet another buffet I love going to.  It’s at one of the riverboat casinos in my area.  All of the casinos have buffets and I’ve tried them all.  You know me!  But this one just happens to be my favorite—and it has a massive buffet, too!  There’s so much food you have to get one plate after another.

There are several food stations broken down into several different lovely areas:

  • Chinese food station
  • Barbecue food station
  • American food station
  • Italian food station
  • Salad, soup, & bread station
  • Dessert station

What’s a girl to do when confronted with all these options?  By jove, I’ll tell you!  Just get one of everything!  After all, that’s the fun of eating at buffets.

They have lunches as well as dinners during the week (no breakfast)—but there is a brunch and dinner on weekends.  Their buffet used to be SO much cheaper than it is now, too—they keep raising the prices.  And the price varies during the week sometimes depending on what the main food feature is that day.  (But get yourself one of the free casino cards and show it to the cashier because you’ll get a couple of dollars off the price.)

Oh, for the love of food!  After doing all this eating, you’ll do nothing but go home and take a nap because this will put you straight to sleep.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try several of the casino buffets near you.  It’ll help with all your sleep problems.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  It’s always a good idea to go to one of these shindigs with a completely empty stomach—then DIG IN!

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    1. Thanks ever so much for checking on me, Miss Biki, my lady. <3 You are sweet to even notice. All is well—my life just got a little busy lately. I hope to do better. xoxoxo 🙂

  1. Spoilt for choice!! That’s what we get at these buffets. but your plate looks exactly like mine would if I were there, except for the baked beans which I am not much of a fan about. Mac’n’cheese my comfort food.

  2. I’ve done this in only one place . . . and that was in the Pacific Northwest at SALMON TIME! Oh, my! Huge pans of grilled salmon. There were probably other foods, but I remember nothing but the salmon!

    Virtual hugs,


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