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Celebrity Friends

I didn’t really know who these guys were when I first saw them and when somebody said the ‘Styx’, it really didn’t ring much of a bell.  So I texted one of my sisters and a few friends and they were all WIGGING OUT like psychos!  Woah, dude.  I was asked, “Are you crazy?!” and told I better’ take pictures of them.  I didn’t realize it was that big a deal, but, okay whatever.

The Styx

The Styx were SO nice that they didn’t just take one picture with me—they did an entire photo shoot.  I mean, these are only 3 of about 10 pictures I took with them.  We were on a roll with the picture-taking and posing but they didn’t mind at all and they were easy to talk to.  Sweet as pie.  SO cool of them!  Mainly did it for my sister and some friends going to their concert the next night—which I knew nothing about, obviously.

Thanks, guys!  You rock!

Wes Brown & Alan Smith of Manchester United
Wes Brown & Alan Smith of Manchester United

How this happened:

As terrified as I am of flying, I was so desperate to see Manchester United play soccer in person when they came to the States that I went and flew by myself.

Landed, went to the hotel, hotel room was not ready, left my bags there and decided to walk down the street for a bit of window shopping until my room was ready.  Browsing, browsing, I stopped inside La Perla and was inside the store all of two minutes when I happened to look up at the people walking down the street and saw two faces that looked SO familiar.

Oh-my-freaking-word!!!  WHAT!  I know a Wes Brown and an Alan Smith when I see one!!  SHUT UP!  I couldn’t fly out the door fast enough.  I darted out the door like a maniac.  They kept walking with their shopping bags—and me, the lunatic, walking a ways behind them trying to keep up with them while thinking of an approach to get them to chat with me and not scare them off.

They kept walking and walking and I was desperate to come up with something quick because I didn’t know where they were headed.  What’s a girl to do?!  Ahhh!!  So the first thing that comes to mind—jump on their backs.  Good goin’, girl.  That’s the way everyone obviously wants to be approached.

I mean, I had watched these guys play soccer/football every week on the telly for so long and they live clear over across the pond in England—what did you expect me to do?!  I had no other approach that sprang to mind.  I couldn’t think fast enough.  It was just a spur of the moment decision.  Don’t judge me!

They turned around, I jumped down, and they started chatting me up.  AWESOME!!  Talk about a grin from ear-to-ear.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  And we never once talked about soccer/football really.  We just talked about mundane things like how long their flight was vs. mine and the fact that I flew by myself terrified of my really short flight compared to their 8-hour flight, how they liked America, etc., etc.

All we did was talk and walk, talk and walk all the way back to their hotel where they had to be for, what they called, ‘dinner’—though it was really early afternoon.  Before they went back inside, they were gracious enough to take pictures with me.  YES!  I just died right there!

And that’s all she wrote, folks.  I was a very happy girl, if only for a moment!

Daryl Hall & John Oates
Daryl Hall & John Oates

Well, I was minding my own business sitting in my seat during an intermission at a concert between an opening act that had just performed and Hall & Oates coming onto stage.  My sister had just asked me to hold a really, really old Hall & Oates album for her that she found from way back in the day that she brought with her.  She asked me to hold it while she went ‘to the bathroom’ during the intermission.

Then it happened—a guy 3 rows behind me saw me holding this really old album and thought I might like to go meet Hall & Oates before they went onto the stage to perform.  I guess the album I was holding for my sister made him think I was a super die-hard fan because if anybody’s holding something THAT old……….well.

So he came up to me and asked if I wanted to go meet them and to follow him.  Woah!  Of course, I thought it must be some joke.  I couldn’t understand how someone could just appear out-of-the-blue and say something like that—like he had simple access to them.  PLEASE!  But…….I figured I could always go back to my seat if he was lying and, if he really had another agenda in mind, surely he wouldn’t kill me in front of all these people.  So I followed him to humor myself.


Come to find out, he was from a radio station and gave me his pass and took me back where I needed to enter and he told me to go in.  O-M-G!  Are you kidding me??!!!  Hellz yes!  And there they were right in front of my freaking FACE, people!!!  Are you hearing me?!!

And, not surprisingly, my sister was back there talking to them all nonchalantly.  She’s a stalker fanatic who will follow them from city-to-city if she gets a chance.  She looked up and saw me and asked what I was doing back there.  I said, “What are YOU doing back here considering this is not ‘the bathroom?’ ”

I swear she manages to meet Hall & Oates everywhere she goes to see them.  She has too many pictures of her and them to count.  I’m surprised they haven’t filed a police report on her yet.  Same chick in their faces taking pics with them every single time.

As for me, this may have been my one and only shot at this.  I just got lucky I was in the right place at the right time.  Score!

Went to a local comedy club to see John Witherspoon and got to meet the main event afterwards.  Funny guy.

The Whispers
The Whispers

How this happened:

A girlfriend and I were out eating at a buffet at a local casino and I am so into my food as usual and minding my own biz.  At the buffet line, I’m piling up my plate (for the 3rd time probably) when this guy walks up and starts talking to me out of nowhere.

Well, the guy ended up being this guy in the white shirt and baseball hat.  He said he ‘liked the way I walked’ (whatever that means) and asked if I wanted to go see The Whispers that night.  And, naturally, all I can think about is the food I’m piling on my plate and getting rid of this guy trying to take me on a date to a concert.

So I told him I didn’t know The Whispers were in town and then I asked him how did he know they were in town.  He said they were all sitting along ‘that wall over there.’  Of course, I asked him how he knew them—aaannnddd……………there I found out he was a Whisper.  And, of course, all I say is, “Oh, that’s cool.”

He called me later, told me where the tickets would be with backstage passes, and me and my friend had a fun time hanging out with the ‘old school’ fellas.  Fun times.

Well, these pictures are self-explanatory.  Dick Clark was so nice and awesome when he came to hang out at a local restaurant in my city.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find ways to force yourself out of the house more often and go places.  You never know what will happen when you’re in the right place at the right time.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Find a better approach to talking to a celebrity other than jumping on their back.

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