Chicken Noodle Soup For The Throat

Chicken Noodle Soup

When you feel like the dickens, you definitely don’t want to cook and you barely want to eat.  A scratchy sore throat, achy body, and stuffy nose wants nothing more than some hot chicken noodle soup at 500ºF immediately, if not sooner.  Oh, the agony.

I opened the box, dumped it into the pan and while waiting for the heat to kick in I decided to peruse the soup box.  Wow!  The soup inside the pan and the soup on the box did not look exactly the same colorwise.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Where are they getting all that ‘green’ color in the picture on the box from?  No, seriously?  I didn’t see it inside the pan at all.  Then I figured to be fair, hmmm, maybe it needs to be inside an actual bowl like in the picture before you see it or before it looks that scrumptious.

As you can see, the bowl made no difference whatsoever.  Though the soup was good, please don’t deceive me with pretty pictures on a box with unrealistic contents that are nowhere to be found.

(I tell ya, it’s the little things you notice when you have a lot of time on your hands feelin’ like the dickens.)

So, if you have nothing else to do today, inspect all your food packaging in comparison with the actual contents on the inside. That should make for an interesting day.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Things are not always as they seem apparently.

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16 thoughts on “Chicken Noodle Soup For The Throat

  1. food photography is an art for sure–everything always looks more attractive on the package. Hope you’re feeling less and less like the dickens 😉

  2. In Indonesia, they write “serving suggestions” in very small prints next to the picture. I guess they are trying to say, “we suggest you serve it like this, if you can!” 😀

    I usually stay away from savory food when I got sore throat. My “remedy” is a big cup of lime tea with white honey. The latter one is super expensive (I have to compensate by not buying many other things) but it is really worth it!

    1. Funny, Hari. Yeah, we suggest you put the green stuff in the soup yourself to make it look all pretty like it does on this box but it’s not coming out the box that way! Lol. Oh, tea and honey is so good for the throat. I’ve never heard or seen ‘white’ honey though. Interesting.

      1. White honey is usually found in tropical regions. It looks like liquid glue. It is not as transparent as most honey because it contains royal jelly, usually with the ratio of 1:1. 😀

          1. Yeah, that’d be a good post idea for those of us that don’t know anything about it. So if you run out of ideas “white honey” is always there for you…… 😉

  3. Little bits of leftover spinach, or other leafy green, would not go amiss in your soup bowl. Hope you are feeling better soon. I’ll be right there with a bowl of lovely liquid to warm your innards! ;-> I have two quarts of homemade broth at my disposal to make whatever kind of soup you would find most soothing!

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