I Need Therapy

Me with a cinnamon roll stuffed mouth

Me with a cinnamon-roll-stuffed mouth.

So what do you do when it’s clear you have a serious problem?  You should get some therapy.  I, obviously, have a daily sickness and am in dire need of a Cinnamon Rolls Anonymous Group.  I have to have these practically daily and I clearly freak out when they’re not available.  My friends talk about me all the time.

Cinnamon Roll

Have you noticed something about this particular picture?  The reason you can’t really see the bottom 3/4″ of the cinnamon roll itself is because there’s at least a 3/4″ pool of frosting it’s lying inside.  And, yes, I did ask for it.  Not the 3/4″ per se, but for “lots” of frosting as per usual.  They know how I roll at my local diner and they clearly love me.

Cinnamon Roll Frosting

Look at that pool of frosting!

Now, my hometown diner does not normally drown these in frosting as the normal standard.  Oh, no.  It’s only when I come through the front door that they know they’ll be standing over the frosting bin for a while.  Yeah, it’s sad—they know my name.  And the ones that don’t call me “that girl” when they talk about me.

Cinnamon Roll

One customer that was there before me told them to put her cinnamon roll frosting in ‘a little container on the side.’  My eyes never got so big!  Obviously, my brain couldn’t even begin to comprehend what that meant.  The word ‘little’ threw me off and ‘on the side’ didn’t register.  I tried in vain to understand that line of thinking and finally just gave up.

Cinnamon Roll being prepped

The poor soul who stood over the frosting bin forever.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, get to the cinnamon roll line before I do to make sure you’re not behind me.  Otherwise, it could take a while—and you may possibly end up with a cinnamon roll with no frosting.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Admit when it’s time for you to ask your friends to stage an intervention on yourself.

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