My Comfort On A Cold Day


A 6″ x 5″ x 2″ Cinnamon Roll, a Five-Way Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Hash browns with cheddar cheese, and French Vanilla Cappuccinos.

Well this is going to be my comfort food for the day.  This should last me all morning for breakfast and maybe even lunch.  Thank goodness for local diners!

I refuse to leave the house because the streets are slippery, there’s snow on the ground, and mainly because it’s like 8°F outside!  I abhor this weather.  I’ll take 150ºF over this nonsense any day.

It’s a snuggle kind of day under a throw blanket on the couch with flannel pajamas and hot food and drinks while watching television and DVDs.

It’s been so cold lately that I think I’ve now seen every episode of:

  • Criminal Minds
  • CSI: Miami
  • Looney Tunes (the early cartoon years)
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • The First 48
  • Breaking Bad
  • Perry Mason (the black & white days)
  • Twilight Zone (my love for the genius Rod Serling)
  • All my peeps on the Food Network (I could stare at food all day)
  • Modern Family
  • Oh—I’m now one of those people who is deep into Scandal.  Talk about an addicting television show!  My word!  I’ve missed several episodes though and will be forced to get the DVD series, I’m sure.
  • And, of course, last night I had several different channel options to choose from to watch the new Bonnie & Clyde movie.  Who knew it’d be on so many different channels at the exact same time.  Take your pick.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, snuggle on the couch in your comfort clothing with your comfort food while watching your favorite comfort TV shows and movies.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Always make good use of cold days if staying indoors.  Warm weather will be here soon enough—no, not really, more like 4-5 months.  I CAN’T POSSIBLY WAIT THAT LONG!!!

Are You Kidding Me? No Cinnamon Rolls?!

19 thoughts on “My Comfort On A Cold Day

    1. I love everyone on that show. It’s hilarious! I’ve already met “Cameron” (Eric Stonestreet) twice when he came to my town. He’s nothing at all like his character—and I REALLY wanted him to beeeeeeeee!!

      1. Ha ha ha
        I can imagine that!
        I mean, I watched Jack (the one from Will & Grace) on an award show on YouTube, and he was nothing like Jack McFarland! L-O-L!!!

  1. Can see why you need all those carbs 🙂 Though you might feel better to know that our high was -2F today. Am with you on the “abhor winter” thing.

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