What A Time Suck


I have to say—I spend an exorbitant amount of time at this desk, at this computer when I’m at home.  So much so that I find myself falling straight asleep at this very desk into the wee hours of the night—and sometimes day hours.  (Are there “wee” day hours, too?)

And not even just wee hours—sometimes they’re hours when I should be wide awake.  But good thing I already have my PJ’s on before this point though.

One time I fell into such a deep state of sleep while sitting that my upper body slowly rocked forward and my head hit the computer monitor with a massive bang—and this was right after my gum rolled out of my mouth and onto the keyboard.  Oh wait!  That whole scenario happened when I was at work at the office.  But that’s neither here nor there.

My point is—if I’m at a computer for an extended period of time and starting to get tired, chances are the above scenario is likely to play out no matter where I am.  The gum problem could be solved if I just keep gum out of my mouth.  The head-banging?  That’s another issue entirely only resolved by knowing my computer limits and sleep maximizationing.  (Is that even a word?)

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find a variety of other ways to spend your time to balance out your time on the computer.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Obviously put a bike helmet on before sitting in front of a computer.

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22 thoughts on “What A Time Suck

  1. A bicycle helmet will not protect you in your uncontrolled forward movement. If the monitor is in cahoots with your helmet, the helmet’s lip will clear the top of the monitor whereby your forehead shall meet said monitor.

  2. Ha ha ha, don’t you just love those moments? I have never fallen asleep at work, but I have had one of those ill-timed laughter attacks that went on WAY longer than appropriate… So awkward. 🙂 love your writing.

  3. there’s a ban on chewing gums for sale in singapore so i don’t have that problem but the head banging, i tend to lean backwards and nod off. lol… i need to heed your advice and lay off the comp after a few hours. 😀

  4. wow–hope you’re taking your own advice! No good to be so tired you’re falling asleep at work 0-: Though I’m rotten at getting enough sleep myself. Like your bike helmet advice 🙂

  5. I have never fall asleep in front my my computer screen and bang my head on it. 😀
    My “victims” are usually my books. I have ruined many of them! I tore my first copy of “The Hobbit” into two. Don’t ask me how it happened. I was asleep… on it! LOL!!!

  6. Oh and I saw that you love, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives…DEFINITELY one of my fav shows. I just want to go try every restaurant he visits!! I’m moving to Denver this summer and he’s been to several there, I CAN’T WAIT to go visit them all!!

  7. Ha. This happens to me from time to time late at night when I’m in blog mode! Haha. I’m usually a night owl, but sometimes I go to hard.

  8. Ha ha ha! I love the imagery of you falling asleep ONTO your computer – classy! Spending a bit of time away from it sounds like good advice 🙂

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