So I Guess I Need To Buy A Camera

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As you can probably tell, you need to buy an actual camera if you’re going to be a blogger.  Being at the mercy of my Android cell phone means taking at least 10 or more pictures of each object in the hopes that at least ONE of them will turn out clearer than all the others.  It’s pathetic—especially when I’m taking food pics.  It doesn’t go over so well.  The food is getting colder and colder and if there are people around I’m cooking for all I hear is ‘not pictures again, are you done yet, I’m hungry, when can we eat, the food’s getting cold.’  (They’re very rude guests.)

Now, it could just be my particular cell phone.  I have, after all, seen some fabulous pictures taken with cell phones.  So I’m sure I just need an upgrade.  But I still think an actual camera is the way to go if you’re going to be blogging for the world.  So, until then, you’ll just have to grin and bear the cell-phone-quality pics.  It’s all I have to work with for the time being.

In the meantime, I’m reviewing what Consumer Reports has to say about cameras.  This is my go-to source for all information anytime I think I’m going to spend big time money (usually anything over $1.75) on something.  After all, they went through all the trouble of doing all the legwork for me–saving me the money, time, energy, and effort of doing it myself.  The least I could do is analyze their research before plunking down huge sums of money on something just to have it fail on me in a year and trying to return it to no avail.  Granted, I can’t always review everything I need in CR before I purchase something—but I try to when I can.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, get to know Consumer Reports and buy yourself something new.

CR and I have an unbreakable bond that no one can tear apart.  I appreciate them like no other, they’ve always been there for me and haven’t failed me yet!  My heart is theirs.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Subscribe to, thank, invite to dinner, write a love letter to Consumer Reports.

I Finally Got An Actual Camera

4 thoughts on “So I Guess I Need To Buy A Camera

  1. The magazine is one of the best forms of consumer reporting. They depict an unbiased approach to products, and that’s why they are considered valid in my book. As for online, I also love CNET, PCMag and Engadget.

    1. That’s what I love about them, too—unbiased and they save me all the work of trying to figure it out myself or just “guessing.”

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