Cookies & Cupcakes From Love

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Made with Pillsbury Big Deluxe Chocolate Chip cookie dough and Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip cookie dough; with sprinkles on top.

I had a beautiful and fun day today with my 5-year-old niece who spent the entire day with me baking her little heart out.  I must say, this is all her handiwork.  And we’re talking almost 50 cookies!

Though all she had to do was tear the pre-cut cookie dough from the package—she DID put the sprinkles on all by herself!  This is a talent in and of itself.  You’re either born with it or you’re not.  After all, sprinkling is an art form.

She also had a tub of cookie dough which required using the mini-scoop, squeezing the scoop—which took all the strength she could muster from both of her tiny hands, and then dropping the balls onto the baking sheet.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Made with Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge cake mix, eggs, canola oil, and water; with sprinkles on top.

Here is more of her handiwork in these bite-sized mini-cupcakes.  She whirled the cake beater till the batter was good and smooth, put the liners in the cupcake tin, poured the batter from a measuring cup into each individual paper liner, then strategically placed each individual sprinkle by hand one-by-one exactly where she wanted them to go.

And that’s three batches of 24—THREE!  For a minimum of 72 mini-cupcakes that needed sprinkles.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, do some baking with your little nieces, nephews, or some random kids.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Allow a minimum of 13 hours for strategically placing sprinkles one-by-one for each round of cupcakes and cookies.

17 thoughts on “Cookies & Cupcakes From Love

  1. Some of my favorite memories involve my niece. The entire family knows how much she adores my wife and I, so whenever she visits our state, we always take her out to various locations. I once asked her,” Why do you love me so much!” This girl looked at me and said,” Because you let me play Angry Birds.” My wife and I just looked at one another and laughed. Really? Angry Birds. Lol. Do you and your niece bake often?

    1. Oh, that’s funny. No, we don’t bake often. That was our first time doing it. It was really fun for her. She loved it. That’s all she wanted to do–besides play and color with me. I just want her to have good memories with me.

  2. Lucky you – spending the day with a pint-sized baker! Lucky her – with a great Aunt to teach her:) Both the cookies and cupcakes look scrumptious!

        1. I’ve been working on my sharing tactics. It just seems to go against my very nature. 🙂 I’ll be needing professional help with keeping food all to myself. Out of the hundreds that were made I should have been ok with sharing at least ONE, by golly!

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