Love That Costco Shopping

Costco Shopping products

Don’t you just love shopping at Costco?  Everything comes in super large bottles or packages and it lasts you forever!  The only problem would be—you have to have some kind of storage area for bringing Costco purchases home.

Thank goodness I have a little storage area I use for my bulky Costco purchases.  If you don’t have space specifically for these items, it could really start to make your home look cluttered with everything piled up everywhere.  I mean, look at the size of everything!

If you don’t have the storage space, I wouldn’t suggest shopping your heart out at Costco unless you’re going to split things with a friend.  Then again, if you can find a nice little corner of your home tucked out-of-the-way somewhere—feel free to stack everything against the wall.

I wouldn’t suggest doing this for everything though.  I only do this for a few select items that make more sense to get at Costco.  Everything else I pretty much buy as I need it at other stores—because who wants a home full of stuff cluttering up the place?

So, if you have nothing else to do today, shop to your heart’s content at Costco and stock up on your favorite products in bulk—but only after they send you those coupons in the mail with all your favorites marked down at a lower price.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Buying products in bulk that you use over and over can save you from having to buy them again for a few weeks or months—and that’s always a good thing.

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35 thoughts on “Love That Costco Shopping

  1. We visit Costco and/or BJ’s, so we know exactly what you mean. I’m perhaps one of their biggest advocates. My favorite part is her pulling me around the store, on their shopping cart. The jealous look on the faces of children as we are whizzing by–priceless. Lol

  2. I just love the samples! 🙂 But I’m not a Costco kind of grocery shopper. It’s because I don’t feel like having the same kind of stuff all the time.

  3. Toilet paper, paper towels (can’t get enough of these and in my humble opinion they should be free but that’s for another post) and salt & pepper pistachios are some of my Costco faves.

  4. I have a girlfriend who bought one GALLON of pure Maple Syrup from Maine because it was “such a good deal…you know how much it usually costs?” Only problem she never ever puts syrup on or in anything and it still hasn’t even been even opened in 6 years.

    Another girlfriend and I tried to share all our shopping together at Costco, the costs saved wasn’t worth the effore of splitting produce, openeing toilet paper and taking individual rolls or even just finding the time we both could go together. We lived by our selves and it was just too much work for not enough savings.

    So I suggest what my Aunt and I do for fun. On Fridays mid-morning, we go and traverse the whole store (excerise for house bound Aunt and chair bound Niece). We see good deals, fineish furniture, nice clothes fun specials and comment on all but don’t buy. We stop at EVERY free food stand for samples, Fridays are the BIG day for samples (Free Lunch albeit eclectic). Then we go home well satisfied with a large print book she can read over the weekend.


    1. Ha-ha. Sounds like you have your Costco runs mapped out. I should go with you guys. Lol. But you gotta love those free food samples. If the food tastes really good, then I end up buying food I didn’t even go to get.

  5. Hmmm? Where’s the Charmin? Lol. And you are stocked for years on laundry, I see. I guess I’d better go to Costco again – since you have three bottles of detergent and I only have the one I am using… with two kids in da house. ☺

      1. … and even then, it’s the Kirkland brand for me! And I’ll tell you a little secret: I learned never to wash my clothes with my little Cake Boss’ clothes – when they have glitter on them.

  6. Hi Loving 😀 I buy small items for snacks really. My neighbour cleans and cooks for me. Maybe she bulks buy ? I haven’t a clue ! 😉 Ralph xox <3

    1. Lol. It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t have a clue what’s going on in your own home over there in Spain, Ralph!! 🙂

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