I Had A Blast In Culinary Class

I made a pie crust from scratch for the first time ever in my life!  What an accomplishment for me.  If you know anything about me, you know I’m one to buy my crusts already made in the store to save myself a year of my life.

But if you’ve never gone to culinary school before, I’d suggest it.  It was actually fun.  When I saw an apple pie making class on the schedule, I hopped right on it so I could try my hand at crust-making.

I was a late enrollee so the class was already full, but the teacher said she had enough ingredients and space that they could go ahead and squeeze me in.

I arrived early bird style.  And first off, Egads!!  I wasn’t thrilled with the choice of ugly green aprons they had for us to borrow!  You could say I was a little disturbed.  But there was clearly a bigger purpose of me being there.  So I let it slide—after all I am there to learn pie crust making.  Let’s FOCUS.

But, heretofore, let it be known I will definitely be bringing my white Betty Boop apron with me to wear should I find myself at any of these future classes!  (Now where were we?)

First off, the instructor had us gather ’round her as she made an entire pie and gave us detailed instructions while we asked our questions.  Then we went back to our stations and got to work.  The instructor and her assistants constantly walked around and were great at helping us along.

When it was time to make the pie crust, it reinforced upon me WHY I always buy my crusts pre-made in the stores—there was just so much work involved!  Yeah, there’s nothing like crust made from scratch—but only if you have time on your hands you want to fill up.

The only thing I kept thinking and saying out loud at my table was how much quicker this would have gone and at what point we would all be at in the apple-pie-making process had we a pre-made pie crust in front of us.

Granted, I know that was the purpose of the class and it was actually fun to make in the class—but at home??  I had visions in my head of my patience levels and thought ‘I don’t think so.’

Making crust from scratch will be a once-in-a-blue-moon thing for me, sorry to say.  Later in life, that could change.

Apple pie in the oven

The finished product had to be taken home for baking in the oven.  The instructor suggested baking it straight away, but said it was fine to do the next day since we’d be getting home late in the evening.  As you can see, I put a lot of lovin’ into this.  Ain’t she a beaut?  It turned out really good.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find different classes you can take at your local culinary center.  You’ll have loads of fun.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Bring your own Betty Boop apron from home to these classes, lest you get stuck wearing an ugly green one.

32 thoughts on “I Had A Blast In Culinary Class

  1. I just made my first pie crust from scratch this past Spring. It was really hard to get it thin enough without tearing, and my top crust ended up having to be a lattice. But, I got it done, and it was good. BTW… (you can make a pretty good tart with cherry pie filling and leftover biscuit dough rolled really thin, plus a bit of confectioner’s sugar).

  2. Haha. Must have been yummy. I’m like you. I’d probably only try making it once from scratch! I also rely on store bought pie crusts, the ones that come with a tin. If I buy the roll ones, I always accidentally rip them while rolling them out. And… store bought = time saving!

  3. I remember making my first pie crust and thinking, “This is a lots of Crisco.” But of course, that’s what makes the crust tender and flaky 😀

    The tricky thing about pie crust is getting it into the pan and spreading it evenly. It’s as hard as trying to make a bed and getting the fitted sheet to stay on the mattress corners! My crust normally ends up with some holes in it. But if there is tons of filling (or whipped cream), no one really tends to notice. ;-p

    1. I know. Lol. That was the gross part—all that LARD! My arteries were freaking out as I was doing it. Yeah that pie crust was an interesting but fun doozie. 😉

    1. Thank you. Be prepared to have a little time on your hands if you do make one. 🙂 It tastes so much better from scratch but I like to find shortcuts sometimes.

  4. fun! and congrats on the crust and pie. mmmmm… Can almost smell it from here. Oh well on the apron–it’s not all about the glamor 😉 Though I’d love to see that Betty Boop apron!

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