Dapperly Dressed

Street Style - Men

Theatrical Technician
(At a fashion show)

I really like the styling of the belt here on this smartly dressed man.  The purple tie adds a bit of color and goes well with the whole ensemble.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find new ways to dress up a pair of casual jeans and give your look somewhat of an edge.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Wearing a colored tie or a belt in a new and different way always adds a bit of life to an outfit.

15 thoughts on “Dapperly Dressed

  1. Just a critique…the jacket needs tailoring because it is sized out of proportion. The shirt also needs some taking in, towards the side. The jeans are too long and require tailoring as well.

      1. That may very well be the case–I highly doubt it though. LoL. My tailor has taught me many things in the art of clothiers. Before him, things I thought were “normal” surely were not. Subtle things like the extra fabric on one’s suit jacket, in the upper trapezius region. This is located on the back of your jacket, which signifies an “off-the-rack” jacket that has not been tailored. It’s because of him, I become more aware in dressing as a gentleman.

        1. That’s why we have to love our tailors. They can teach us so much. I wish more people would use them if they could afford to. I think they’d look so much better in their clothes if they fit properly (me included).

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