My Trip To Dubai (Part 5)


Ready to go on a dinner cruise in the Dubai Marina.

I couldn’t wait to get on the boat and sail down the Marina while having dinner buffet-style.  You know I love food.

The Dhow Cruise

When we arrived to the boat, there were fresh sweet dates waiting on a platter before we even stepped onto the boat.  I can’t begin to describe how sweet these things were!  Omg.  I couldn’t eat just one.

I finally had to pull myself away so I could board the boat because my date kept encouraging me to try another one and another one because he saw how much I liked them.  I’m telling you—I could have eaten the entire platter myself.  Which means there’d be none left for the rest of the crew—but such is life.

This cruise was one of the most beautiful and romantic ever!  I loved looking out the window at the water and all the beautiful buildings.  It was a sight to behold.


 Me and my dinner escort.

The buffet-style dinner was lovely.  Of course, I had to get one of everything which required more than one plate.  And since I don’t have eight arms, I could only carry one plate back to the table.  But my date surprised me by bringing me a second plate with food from the other side of the buffet—which I hadn’t made my way to yet.  But you knew I was headed there, right?

For someone that’s only known me a short time, he figured me out pretty quickly when it comes to food!  He was such a gentleman taking care of me.  Ahh, I just absolutely loved meeting people in Dubai.

It was so calm, peaceful, serene, and relaxing out on the water—ahhhhhh—and then the tanura show begins!  Woah!

The tanura dance show was pretty cool.  I don’t know how that man twirled around so fast and for so long without getting dizzy and falling over.  It was amazing to see.  I have to say, though, it was an enjoyable time that I will definitely go back to again.

And I can’t even begin to tell you about the breathtaking views I saw out the window and on the upper deck.  It’s definitely something you had to be there to see.  I could have cruised around on that boat the rest of my life without a care in the world.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try to learn tanura dancing and see how long you can twirl about at 100 miles-per-hour without getting nauseous.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Always have a dinner escort with you so you can borrow their pair of hands to help bring back all your plates of food from the buffet table.

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33 thoughts on “My Trip To Dubai (Part 5)

  1. My most wondrous buffet experience was on a ferry, going from Amsterdam to the north of England, where the cheap dinner room just had table after table of stuff and about half of it vegetarian and magnificent and just when anyone would think that was plenty we turned and oh, there’s an entire table of nothing but cheeses and crackers. It’s almost worth going back to Europe just for a second ferry trip.

  2. Wow, when you can split a trip into 5 parts you know it was amazing!! Looks like you made a lot of strong memories and had a visual feast. Going to Dubai is what everyone wants to do here in Nigeria, I’m waiting for when the right time comes along- i.e getting the trip fully paid for by someone else, ha!

    1. Good idea. Getting it paid for by someone else is always a good plan. And, yeah, I had so many pictures I wanted to use I had to split my trip into different parts here. 😉 Fun times.

  3. Great post, again! And the Twisted Building. What an idea. It makes me kind of dizzy just looking at it though. Perhaps they should have painted it orange and called it the Screwdriver?

  4. My husband has been to Dubai and he loved it, I’m jealous I’ve never been able to go. the dancing…wow that is so awesome, looks as fun to do as it is to watch, the lights were perfect. and that food looked delish, I’d probably take plate loads back to my room for leftovers too 🙂

  5. I’m so living vicariously through you right now! Thanks again for the descriptive stories, along w/ your wonderful pics! Everything looks so beautiful, as do you! Was laughing at ‘shipping out to sea’ … ya ain’t in the Navy, and ya def ain’t Gilligan, lol! 😉

    1. Lol! Hilarious. You busted me—the Navy and Gilligan, I’m not. But you know me, Dan! I gotta exaggerate a bit with the shipping out to sea. I realize it wasn’t like I was dining on a small boat for a buffet dinner out in the middle of the Indian Ocean or anything with land nowhere in sight. But…….ya know! It makes for a vivid story. Lol. 😉 Thanks again as always, Dan, and I’m glad you enjoy living through me.

      1. Embellishment is allowable, your blog and all, lol! And, who knows … maybe qualifies you being Ginger for the dinner cruise? Seems close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades being “a three hour tour, a three hour tour”! 😉

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