A Fashion Show Adventure

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

Well this was my first time being a spectator at a fashion show in person.  I have to say, it was super fun.  I went two nights in a row and saw different designers rockin’ their designs down the runway.  So awesome!

I got there early and started taking some pictures hoping to catch some interesting fashions on anyone.

Fashionistas at the fashion show
Little Fashionistas

Ava & Madelynn
Jackets, Dresses, Shoes—Justice

And look at these two little divas!  How adorbz are they?

The girl on the left is Ava (she’s 7 years old) and the girl on the right is her sister Madelynn (her birthday was the same day of the show and she just turned 9 years old).

I have to say—I thought I’d be snapping pictures of a lot more people in interesting outfits but these two girls had the most interesting outfits on of the evening.  Not that everyone else didn’t look nice—everyone was dressed rather well.  There just wasn’t anything spectacular, you know?  A lot of folks kind of looked similar to each other.  Nothing really stood out to me other than the girls.

Thanks for letting me take your fabulous picture, girls!

On Jami:  Top—Torrid; Jeans—Ashley Stuart; Shoes—Shoe Dazzle
On Me:  Top—Victoria’s Secret; Tie—Men’s Wearhouse; Belt—Charlotte Russe

Another fashion spectator diva at the show was Miss Jami who was so gracious to allow me to take her picture.

Fashion Show DJ
In a league all his own.

Now THIS did catch my attention!  The DJ was groovin’ the music super loud ALL night long!  I mean—nonstop!  And he never stood still.  He was dancing all over the place in that DJ booth.  His head almost fell off.  ROCK ON, dude!

But his flowered pajama bottoms are what caught my attention.  You go, boy!  Nobody is going to tell him what he can and cannot wear!

It was a pretty full house.  The fashion show didn’t quite sell out but it was plenty full of people.

Oh, and can I just say—the MEN are divine at these shows—or at least the show I went to.  And I’m talking about the finely dressed distinguished gentlemen sitting in the audience watching the show and/or in the photographer pit taking pictures.  Suits and ties and debonair, I tell you.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, scope out the next fashion show you can possibly attend—and GO and have a good time.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  It’s always good to have an extra set of earplugs on standby in case you’re around loud music for 3 hours straight.

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