Time For A Festival

Ferris Wheel

So I took myself to a festival a few weeks ago so I could have some fun and get out of the house.  I have to say I actually enjoyed myself even though I went by myself.

I chose to go bright and early in the morning to this festival and arrived right at opening time.  That’s the best time to go, you know, because there’s not a lot of people everywhere yet.  You know how I roll.

It was fun to people-watch and eat up a storm.  You know how I LOVE food!  Festivals are some of the best places to eat to your heart’s content.  There were food tents everywhere!  I mean, how do you even begin choose?!

My first stop was for potatoes and onions.  They were pretty ‘meh.’  As I sat on a bench eating my bowl of potatoes and onions, I looked up and saw a FUDGE sign through a window that was directly across the street.  Oh, MAN, you know where I headed next!!  A piece of plain chocolate fudge was all I needed.

I later headed towards the carnival area.  You know a carnival is not complete without funnel cakes, cotton candy, and corn dogs.  So, since there was really no place for me to sit, I sat on the street curb and ate a corn dog and funnel cake.

The only thing I was baffled by was why they’d be selling hot chocolate at a carnival when it was almost 100 degrees outside!  Really?!

At some point, I made my way to a COBBLER booth.  No way was I passing that one up.  I chose the pineapple flavored cobbler.  It was to die for.

This was also the first time ever that I stopped at a psychic booth.  I really just did it for grins.  It was only $10 I was losing.  It was hilarious though because the very first thing she told me to do was sit down and take $10 out of my purse, put it into my right hand, and ball up my fist.

Then she proceeded to open my fist and take my money.  I couldn’t stop laughing on the inside because she was being so dramatic about it.  Even I saw that one coming!

I mean, why is she pretending the money in my palm is part of the psychic act of my palm reading—as if the spirits need the money in my hand first for my future to get predicted?  Just take my money and read my palm already!  Who are we really kidding here?

So, if you have nothing else to do today, take yourself to a festival full of fun, food, and laughter—even if you just go by yourself.  You’ll have lots of fun, trust me.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  A psychic is obviously only there to give you a generalization about your future life—not specific details like you’d hope for.  Saying you’ll have “happiness in your future” is something you can probably predict yourself.  In that case—we’re ALL psychic.  But giving detailed dates, times, places, and names of people and things that are going to happen in your future—now that’s a psychic.

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26 thoughts on “Time For A Festival

  1. I love going to festivals like this…especially when my kids were younger. Of course, my favorite part is the food too! I’ve been to dozens and dozens of these types of foody things over the years and I have NEVER seen a cobbler booth…omg…I’d be in heaven!

    1. This was my first time seeing a cobbler booth, too! Who’d have thought? I made a beeline right for it as soon as I saw it. They had 4 different cobblers so it was hard choosing—and lemonade was only one dollar in comparison to everyone else selling drinks. Heaven!

  2. When I think festival it’s all bands, booze and camping. It’s so interesting how different/concepts meanings for words.

    1. You know, Abbi, that is true too. I go to those festivals, too, sometimes. This just happened to be a different type of festival. 😉

  3. so did the psychic predict anything besides happiness for you? A loss of $10 would have been an easy enough prediction, too.

    Glad you got out–carnivals and festivals rock and yes to the food part especially. Funny how we’re thinking along the same lines as I just wrote up the bourbon festival. Food food everywhere! Your fudge and funnel cakes have me drooling.

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