Food Truck Madness

Food Truck Menu

I heard about and went to a ‘Food Truck Friday’ event in my hometown.  This event was from 5:00-8:00pm.  I didn’t realize the crowd of people that food trucks could bring in.

I’m in line at 5:15 here and finally made it to the order window at 6:00!  We’re talking 45 minutes just for ONE food truck!  Then had to wait 15 more minutes for my order to cook.

To top it all off, by the time I made it to the window to place my order they were completely out of burritos and fish tacos.  I mean, how in the world do you run out of food within 45 minutes of the event starting?  There were only 5 items on the menu to begin with, for Pete’s sake!

And I just happened to get the last two chicken fajita sandwiches.  So now they’re down to selling only two things on their menu—burgers and brats.  And there was still a MASSIVE line behind me!

Those poor people in line could only hope there were burgers and brats left by the time they got to the front of the line.

Food Truck Event

It was ridiculous.  There were food trucks all around the perimeter.  So the thought of standing in another line to try another food truck just didn’t appeal to me after that experience.  I just wanted to head home already.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, try different food trucks in your part of town—just NOT at a food truck event.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Queuing/Standing in line all day is not an ideal enjoyable outing—especially only to find out there’s not much food left once it’s your turn.

8 thoughts on “Food Truck Madness

  1. That’s soo Cool but why can’t they come to Milwaukee Wisconsin me n some friends wish we could c them but can’t cuz we don’t have that much money to go allll the way to Cali. For a cocnret they should come here:)!

  2. now I feel better about never making any of the bigger events. It’s been fun to hunt down the occasional truck–and I’ve never had to wait THAT long–but I do wonder what it would be like to have so many choices.

  3. I Googled around to see what this was all about, but couldn’t really get a handle on the purpose of it. Found some in San Diego and some in Florida, but nothing that told me much about the event. Can you ‘splain me?

    1. It was just a gathering of a bunch of food trucks is all. There were different types representing different restaurants. There was a Mexican truck selling Mexican food, a coffee and dessert truck, a truck that sold the menu items above, a truck that just sold different meatballs, etc., etc. On a daily basis, one or two of these trucks usually gather around different parts of downtown and sit on the streets outside of different office buildings for people that want to grab something on their lunch breaks. It’s good for people in buildings that don’t have easy access to many places to go to lunch. But you only have access to whatever truck(s) just happen to be sitting outside your building. Apparently, this event was a gathering of a bunch of the trucks in ONE central location in a parking lot so folks could have access to all of them at once as a fun event, supposedly. They probably just do it once a year I’d imagine and I had never been before. Just something for me to do.

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