Digging Deep Into The Feet

Foot Spa

Can I just say—I think I’ve found my home away from home.  I’m just so in LOVE with this place!  I heard of this place through word-of-mouth.  You could only hear of this by word-of-mouth because it’s tucked away in a little corner in the city.  Who knew?!

I’ve never seen any advertising about this place and no one I know has ever heard of it.  And maybe it should stay the city’s best kept secret so I can have it all to myself.  Then again, I am learning to share the great things I experience in life with the less fortunate souls who are missing out on all this goodness.

I took one of my sisters here a couple of days ago for a bit of girls’ pampering—and OH MY!  We walked right into heaven.

It’s a foot spa/foot care reflexology place—but they do more than just feet as well.  When you first walk in the door, be very quiet because the room is right there!

What I really love about the place is how inexpensive they are compared to an actual spa.

  • The 30-minute reflexology foot massage session is only $15.
  • The 60-minute full body massage and reflexology treatment session is $28.

Get outta town with those prices!!  I think I’ve found my new hangout straight away after work to de-stress.  Oh, yeeaaaaahhhhh!

It’s a little different from an actual spa in that they don’t use oils or lotions and everyone is in the same dark room together rather than having your own private room.  Fine by me with those prices!

Foot chart

We went inside, told the girl at the front what service we wanted, she took us to the big comfy chairs, we took our shoes off and rolled up our pant legs, then leaned back and closed our eyes.  Ahhhhhh, the good life.

We decided on the 30-minute foot massage.  The room is real quiet with relaxing music playing.  The guy that I had started with my head and—oh wow.  I’m loving life!  Then he massaged my legs and worked on those pressure points on my feet.

My sister fell asleep and I was halfway into my state of slumber.  These people are SO good at what they do.  I was saddened that this, too, would eventually come to an end.

Afterwards, we went up front and I paid for our services and tipped (don’t forget to tip 20%, people, if it applies in your town), grabbed a business card, and planned my next visit as I was driving home.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find yourself an inexpensive reflexology foot spa and enjoy your time of melting all your stresses away while you snore yourself to sleep.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  It’s really not fair that the good things in life have to come to an end 30 minutes later.

Does This Mean I’m Official Now?
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  1. Don’t hate me, but we have our own in-house body/foot/leg massage parlor! Twice a day keeps the doctor away! ;->

    The cancer docs are all amazed at the longevity of our resident patient, and I attribute it to good nutrition and body massage. Interested in the pictured chart. The little icons of the affected organs is great. I looked for other charts on the net and found some with words only, so a combination of the two is quite useful.

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