Some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) I get asked directly on my various social media accounts:

Where are you from?


What is your ethnicity/race?

Puerto Rican and Caucasian

How tall are you?

I’m 5ft, 8in tall in bare feet—but if I wear 4-inch heels, then I’m 6ft.

What size do you wear?

Small or Size 4 (USA) in clothes and Size 8 (USA) in shoes

What are your hobbies/passions?

Blogging, fashion, beauty, food, seeing the world, and living the most amazing beautiful life that I design for myself.

When did you start blogging?


Why did you start blogging?

As a hobby in my free time to relieve boredom and find a creative outlet to express myself and connect with others around the world.

How did you get started blogging?

I spent almost 2 months reading and researching everything from everywhere that I possibly could on blogging and how to start a blog before I even started.

What kind of camera do you use for pictures and videos?

Only my Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone, Canon Powershot G7X Mark II, and Nikon Coolpix P330

How can you afford to travel so much?

I don’t travel much, but I’m always working towards that dream.

Where have you traveled in your lifetime?

Chennai & Tiruchirappalli, India
Dubai & Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Bronx, New York (USA)
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
Des Moines, Iowa (USA)
Omaha, Nebraska (USA)

Anything else about you or this blog?

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