Game Day Spirit


Top & Jeans—Victoria’s Secret

I’m such a fanatic when it comes to the World Cup.  Here I was on my way to meet a friend at a sports bar to watch the USA play Portugal.

Though the color red is missing from this ensemble, I thought it was pretty fitting with the white and navy blue stripes for what I grabbed from my closet in such a hurry.  Had I not been so excited to leave, I probably would have worn a red belt rather than the gold one.  A pop of red could have made the difference.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, mix your team’s colors into your attire before heading out for a fun time.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  It’s always better to calm down and give yourself time to fancy yourself up and think through your options so you’re not left regretting that one tiny accessory that could have made all the difference.

The World Cup Excitement!

63 thoughts on “Game Day Spirit

  1. Cute outfit! I nominate you for the fashionista award 🙂 click this link to learn more about the nomination xx all petite everything. | Loving City Lights & Fashionable Nights.

  2. It’s actually interesting to see the sense of interest for soccer here. I am sure I paid attention to headlines in prior years, but the energy was nowhere close to what I witnessed over the past few weeks. I’m from a country where soccer and cricket is everything, yet here I am today and my life is American football. LOL. My uncles would say, “that’s rubbish. How is that football, when the hand is involved?” Do you watch them play every year?

    1. Oh, yeah, I try to. Interesting that I don’t watch a lot of American soccer here at all. I will follow the US national team mainly during the World Cup and only every now and then throughout the year but that’s about it. I don’t usually watch any of the local teams with MLS here. But I’ll follow Manchester United and the England national team religiously for the most part. Last season I didn’t get a chance to watch all the games—plus I lost interest when Man Utd were doing so poorly because it’s so unlike them. I always love to see them play in person when they fly over to the States if I get the chance. But, yeah, it’s more an American football and basketball country here. The football & basketball players in America don’t get paid anything close to what some of those soccer players get paid over there. I mean, some of the best soccer players are getting paid $206 million to play soccer!! What NFL player gets that? None of them. Soccer is huge all over the world in MANY countries whereas American football & basketball are only popular in ONE country—America. That says a lot. But nothing wrong with watching good old American football, too.

      1. Was Manchester United your first love? Lol. I just checked and the highest paying athletic team in the world is Manchester City. After they were purchased by a group from Abu Dhabi, the players average $8.1 million, or $156,000 per week. Next on the list is MLB, with the Yankees. I definitely understand why. However, something interesting caught my attention. The highest paying league in the world though, that is the NBA. Soccer is definitely an immensely popular sport, even if it doesn’t have the huge popularity domestically, as it does internationally.

        1. Man U was definitely my first love—for all the wrong reasons I have to say, but I ended up getting myself hooked on them nonetheless and that’s all that matters. And look at what Cristiano Ronaldo gets paid! Geez.

  3. I like the eazy breezy look of this ensemble and the top is a very flattering cut. I love the different diagonal placing of the stripes around the neckline. And yes, it can suck when you leave the house and wish you had taken the time with the finishing touches but hey ho…

  4. You look amazing. The outfit looks superb on you. I think you could replace your profile pic with this one. WOW ?

    1. Thanks and you don’t have to be. Do what you love doing for yourself, girl, as long as you have a fun, happy life.

  5. To be honest I like the belt you have chosen 🙂 It makes the top stand out. I would have added some bright color (red, fuchsia, yellow) clutch, rather than changing the belt 😉 What do you think?

    1. Interesting you said that. I did have a bright pink handbag with me. I probably should have taken a red purse instead.

    1. Omg. I’m a nervous wreck. I really don’t know, but right now I’m hoping the USA. If they don’t make it, I’ll have to pick another team, and then another, up till the very last match. Gotta root for somebody till the end! 🙂

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