Still Loving The Diner

Burrito Platter at the diner

Burrito Platter served with Spanish rice and soupy beans.

Here are more of my little trips to my hometown diner.  Such yummy good food.

Catfish Dinner at the diner

Catfish Fillet with tartar sauce and a side of Cabbage, Corn Nuggets, Ham & Beans, and Cornbread.

Chicken Fillet sandwich deep-fried with cheddar jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.

This here is why  I like dealing with the same one or two servers over and over once they know me well enough and I realize they are really good at their jobs.

The day I ordered the chicken sandwich on the left, I specifically called-in my order and asked for LETTUCE ONLY with my sandwich.  I told them to leave off the pickles and tomatoes.

As you can see, my sandwich came with the usual on it—EVERYTHING.

Another day I called-in and ordered the chicken sandwich on the right and specifically asked for LETTUCE ONLY.  I told the person what happened the last time I ordered and she said she would check the order herself personally AND give me EXTRA lettuce even.

Now as you can plainly see, the one on the right came with absolutely NOTHING on it.  I even looked under the bun to make sure the lettuce wasn’t hidden inside the sandwich somewhere.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the EXTRA lettuce she said she’d give me because I didn’t even get the regular lettuce they normally put on it.

Unfortunately when I placed my orders, I couldn’t ask for the person who usually takes care of me because he had already gone home for the day.  So I just placed my order with whomever answered the phones on both occasions.

I cannot understand how I can be so specific, thorough, and detailed—even down to explaining how my order was screwed up the last time, only to have it screwed up again!

French Toast made with thick-cut egg bread dipped in egg, topped with whipped butter and powdered sugar; served with maple syrup.

A slice of Apple Pie.

Diner Meeting

Another day I walk into my local diner and I’m standing at the counter for 5 long minutes waiting to place an order to-go.  I turn and I see a diner pow-wow meeting or gossip-fest of some sort going on.

I’m not sure what it was, but no one even looked up to say hi or take my order.  After 5 minutes of standing there, someone else in the restaurant (who was NOT part of this group) finally came and helped me.  Unbelievable.

But, nevertheless, I still love my local hometown diner.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, continue to frequent your favorite diner even if you get irritated every now and again with the little mistakes that keep happening to you.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  We’re all only human.

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19 thoughts on “Still Loving The Diner

  1. what disappointing experiences 🙁 regardless of whether you are a regular or no, you should have folks welcome you and remember your order. We have a local pizza joint that is our go-to for (only occasional, so I would say we’re regulars) take-out. We always order cheese fries and I always ask for the marinara sauce instead of the garlic butter. And we always get garlic butter. ??? It’s gotten so I open the box when I’m still in the shop so I can trade the butter in for the sauce before leaving. Blows my mind that they never get it right.

    The breakfast and apple pie look amazing, btw. Drool!

    1. You know I’ve learned to check my order before leaving because of incidents like this. I remember to check it 95% of the time anyway. It irks me though if I get all the way home and then discover there’s a problem. UGH! The requests are not rocket science. Just people not doing their jobs.

  2. A polite letter to the manager might provide some changes. No need to name names; just state what happened, as you have here. Were I the manager, I would want to know such things.

    1. I usually do let them know, but I was in a hurry here this day. The next time I went, I totally forgot about it. But, yeah, I’m usually the town snitch. 🙂 I did tell about the bug in my waffle though!

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