Double-Up The Fries?

Chicken Tenders at Houlihan's

Chicken Tenders with a side of fries and green beans with honey Dijon sauce and ketchup.

Loved my trip to Houlihan’s.  The server was great, the food was awesome, even my date was fabulous.  Houlihan’s is just like Houston’s.  So it felt like home to me.

So the server comes and takes our order.  I order the chicken tenders.  The server tells me my chicken tenders come with fries and either green beans or asparagus.  Well, first off, I thought I was just ordering the chicken tenders as an appetizer by themselves—so I was not expecting side dishes, but whatever.  Let’s roll with it.

So the way it was presented to me, I assumed I only had a choice of green beans or asparagus—neither of which sounded appealing.  So I opted for the green beans—but it was a tough choice.

Now, my date orders the same thing but tells the server to “double-up the fries.”  I didn’t really know what he was saying or what it meant at the time because so much activity was going on around us and the noise level was kinda high with all the babble from other diners.  So I just assumed it’s some new side dish they offer that he was asking for with some fancy term word I’ve never used before.

Well, NO, by golly that’s not it.  He just ends up with the same dinner as mine and he just has TWICE as many fries on his plate rather than a vegetable.  NOW it’s all starting to sink in.  Well, NO, I DON’T WANT GREEN BEANS!!  Do I LOOK like I want to eat vegetables?!!

Hmmmmm—-fries? green beans? fries? asparagus? fries? green beans? fries? asparagus?  Well, that’s a no-brainer!  OF COURSE, I would have DOUBLED-UP on the fries had it not been presented to me in such a way that I thought the vegetables were my only two options to choose from.  And look how pathetic my plate looks with those sad green beans just sitting there.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, take yourself out to eat anywhere and tell your server you’d rather substitute your vegetable side dish with a much less healthy option.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Never assume your server has your best interest at heart by offering you vegetables instead of more fries.

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