Good Eatin' At Houston's

Chicken Tenders with honey dijon sauce, Hand-Cut French Fries, Red Beans & Rice, and Garlic Cheese Toast.

Club Salad with crispy chicken, smokehouse bacon, avocado, egg, & tomato with buttermilk garlic dressing; Garlic Cheese Toast; and Tortilla Soup.

Best Pork Chop double-cut and grilled with Hand-Cut French Fries.

Hand Filleted Fresh Salmon grilled over hardwood with Asparagus and Hand-Cut French Fries.

I can honestly say I have tried everything on the menu at least once at Houston’s and I have never had a bad meal.  Everything just tastes so good!—with the exception of the couscous.  A girlfriend and I tried the couscous years ago and it was the nastiest stuff we had ever tasted.  Maybe it was just how they chose to make it at the time but, suffice it to say, I never ordered it again to this very day.

And I made the mistake of thinking ALL couscous everywhere in the world tasted this way and would avoid it like the plague—but that is not the case, people.  That’s just how traumatized I was at the time.  But maybe they make it different now—of course, I wouldn’t know because I never ordered it again.

But other than the couscous, all the food is great!  The service can be sub-par at times, but the excellent food is what keeps me coming back.  Just find a favorite server you like and always request that server to wait on you.  That’s what I do.

They also have some items that are not on the menu that you would never know about unless you’ve been a regular customer for years (like back when these things used to be on the menu).  But I have the inside scoop, y’all.  The chicken tenders made their way off the menu years ago, but they actually still serve them by request!  Spread the word.  Holla, holla!  One of my faves.  Just ask the server what else they serve that’s not on the menu.  Any good server will tell you.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, Google the nearest Houston’s restaurant and treat yourself to some fabulous food.

If you can’t find anyone to go with you, go out by yourself.  I always do.  Eat directly at the bar if nothing else.  That’s what I do sometimes, though I usually eat in a booth in the dining room.  It’s what I deserve.  It’s not as weird as you would think it would be.  Trust me.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Do not need to be afraid of couscous.  Not all couscous tastes the same.  Lesson learned.

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    1. I did find out they were pasta bits, but never really knew before because I never had them before. But they way they cooked them was not to my liking. I’m sure it was the other ingredients they mixed with it the reason I didn’t like it. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl there again.

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