Let's Laugh! My Uncle's Dry Sense Of Humor

Double Toilets joke

One of my uncles is such a jokester.  Case in point—when he got himself his very own restaurant, the jokes carried over into the restaurant.

Who in the world would put two toilet stools side-by-side next to each other in the same room for crying out loud?!  MY UNCLE, that’s who!  Yeah, let’s save some time and use the bathroom together.  I mean, we’re all family here—and, if not, we’ll soon be like family after this.

And take note of the parking meter on the wall.  There is a time limit depending on how much you put in the meter—and you’ll apparently be fined if you don’t deposit more money into it.  Some of you will no doubt need to deposit a much larger sum of coins than others. (Wink, wink.)

Stool Sample joke

Oh, this is my absolute FAVORITE!  It’s a STOOL SAMPLE!  Hardy-har-har!  I swear—every time I see my uncle the next time ’round he has a new joke for me.  This was too funny not to take a picture of.

Granted, I was scared at first to open the container when he handed it to me.  I mean, you never really know with him.

Nose Cleaner joke

How disgusting is this one?!  And who has a nose that big anyway?!

Click on the pictures and help yourself to some more dry humor if you didn’t get enough of it so far.  My uncle can go on and on for days with it.

Why don’t you just stick any of these cards in your wallet and whip them out as you see fit.

  • If you don’t have your own Pride & Joy to show off to your friends, well now you do.
  • You can now afford to give away Free Tickets all day to everyone you know.
  • Just turn the Bender card around the other way to whichever face appeals to you most.

The legs go on and on.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, show off your jokes to your friends and to the world.  Make people smile and laugh.  The world really could use more laughter in it.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Laughter really is the best medicine.

18 thoughts on “Let's Laugh! My Uncle's Dry Sense Of Humor

  1. Fantastic !! What a great fun Uncle you have. Some bars have flashing lights and alarm bells when someone in the loo lifts a flap on the wall that says “Do not touch. Peep hole into Ladies (or) Gents” No peep hole though !! 😀

  2. I actually know a restaurant that has two toilets side-by-side just like that 😀 The other trick is that the bathroom is all black with no windows, and the automatic lights lasts about 20 seconds.

  3. Your uncle must be a real riot! I had a great uncle that threatened us kids with a “bloodsucking board” if we misbehaved. Of course we never saw the item in question, but he described it as a ping-pong paddle full of holes that he would spank us with. He was a jolly old fellow – well, he SEEMED old to me since I was about eight. Come to think of it, he was probably about the age then that my son is now! Isn’t that scary?

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