The Ice Cream Maaannnnn!!!

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

So the ice cream man comes ding, ding, dinging around the corner a few hours ago and I reverted back to 6 years old again!  STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should have seen me.  It was the saddest thing EVER, but I was going to get that ice cream even if my shoes fell off my feet.  You know how you have to throw on your shoes at the last second?  There’s a rush of adrenaline going to get out the door before he leaves you in the dust.

And it’s been so long since I had ice cream from an ice cream truck, that I guess I didn’t realize prices would have gone up since the 1800’s.  I mean, why would I realize pricing applied to ice cream trucks, too?  Kids shouldn’t have to suffer!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, listen for ice cream bells (the ones on the street—not in your head), have your running shoes ready, and don’t forget your ‘green backs.’  (For those of you that don’t speak thug—that’s money, dollars, whatever.)  Dart out the door and be 6 years old again, if only for a moment.  Livin’ life, baby!

Take-Away Life Lesson:  The ice cream man doesn’t wait around long for anyone.  He doesn’t care.  If you’re not out the door within two seconds of those first couple of dings, you’ll probably miss your shot.

20 thoughts on “The Ice Cream Maaannnnn!!!

  1. The ice cream truck was banned in my town for a long time because of an accident forever ago. A few days ago I heard the bells and did exactly what you said, I ran out of my house like a 6 year old. Low and behold the ice cream man! I guess they repealed the ban. So excited for him to keep coming around.

  2. Strawberry shortcake ice-cream? Oh goodness, that sounds so ridiculously amazing… I think I’m now going to go to the States and wait outside for as long as it takes until the ice-cream man drives past.

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