I'm Loving These Italian Home Fries

Italian Home Fries

Made with butter, smashed garlic cloves, onion, red bell pepper, yellow pepper, new potatoes, Italian sausage, paprika, salt & pepper, fresh rosemary, fresh parsley, and olive oil.

There’s my love for the potato again!  I loved this dish so much that I had to buy the ingredients to make this potato dish a second time because it didn’t last long at all.  Like I say—fresh is always better than frozen.

Recipe for—Italian Home Fries

So, if you have nothing else to do today, cook your own fresh potatoes just the way you like ’em.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Double up on the ingredients list to make yourself a huge moundful from the start.

Fried Potatoes

29 thoughts on “I'm Loving These Italian Home Fries

    1. Well, good night to Georgia, Joseph!! What in the world. They’ve probably crawled to the other side of the pantry by now. Eww.

  1. Great recipe! I like to make a ‘smashed potato’ version of this by boiling the potatoes first and then adding them to the sauteed bell pepper, onions, bacon pieces or sausage, parsley and any other vegetables. Add chicken stock and smash the potatoes to make it a lumpy but creamy mixture.

  2. Them li’l white taters . . . Yum! I have five of them in the fridge right now! Ate two the minute they were done. Cooked them in the rice cooker. Easy to do them that way.

    Virtual hugs,


      1. Those look incredible. My half Italian Dad fries potatoes the best, and now that I’m almost 40, mine have gotten nearly as good as his. Great post and site. Thank you so very much for the comment on my blog, liking my entries, and stopping by!

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