How I Love A Good Game

Manchester United game

I just love watching Manchester United play soccer/football.  The games rarely show on a local television station here so I was pleasantly surprised that it was on one today.  I usually have to watch them on a sports channel on cable.

I can be a bit of a nut during gaming season with all the hooping and hollering at the telly, but I enjoy myself SO much!  And that’s the point of it really—to have a grand old time enjoying my life, isn’t it?

But, oh, how I love to see them win a game.  It’s even more enjoyable then.  They won the league last year and in so many prior years.  So even though they’re in 7th place in the league so far this season, I have faith in my boys that they’ll hike right back up to the number one spot before the season is over.

Manchester United game

Oh, this gets me so excited for the World Cup games this summer!!  I’ll be rooting for both England and the USA.  They both were lucky enough to get a spot in the World Cup and it pleases me so.

I can already foresee taking off work so I can watch the games “live” in real time—or at least so I can watch England and the USA in real time.  It’s more fun that way.

Plus, it drives me absolutely mad to accidentally overhear people talking about the game and who won when I haven’t even seen the game yet!!!!!  I don’t even want to accidentally see or hear media coverage of who won or what happened BEFORE I’ve had a chance to watch the game first.

I’d have to cover my ears all day or stay in isolation until I can get home to watch my recordings of the games.  I tell you—it’s like walking around on pins, needles, and eggshells all day.

It’s enough to drive me insane before I can get home to watch my recording of the game.  So in order to avoid myself going completely coconuts, I’d just rather watch the games live in real time.  And with the big time difference there is, I’m sure I’ll be up bloody early in the mornings on some occasions.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, watch your favorite teams play their games throughout the year.  Whether at home on the television or live at the stadium and in person is neither here nor there.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  It’s perfectly normal to go a little coconuts while watching your favorite teams play during the gaming season.  Aw yeah.

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14 thoughts on “How I Love A Good Game

  1. My husband loves Man United and now so do I. We actually did a tour of Old Trafford which was so cool – you definitely need to go sometime!

  2. YES it is absolutely okay to go bonkers over your favorite things! And sports, too — I totally feel you on the insane lengths we have to go to to avoid spoilers… ugh! It stinks being in the wrong time zone… I always get a little nutty over the Olympics, and it’s definitely a downer to have people spoil the results “live” when I don’t get to even see the events until the evening newscasts. = (I don’t have cable.) They got a little better about it during the London games — saying SPOILER and stuff, but…I can only hope it gets better for Sochi! Good luck with soccer this season!

    1. Yeah, if only we could avoid overhearing or seeing results before we want to know about them. Thanks. I can’t wait for the games!!

    1. Omg—HUGE fan! Stop laughing at me, Kev. I love them dearly. 🙂 I only hope to make it over to England one day in my lifetime to see them play at Old Trafford. After all, they’ve flown over the ocean to see me before—I can at least return the favor. I was even fortunate enough to take a picture with two of the players by sheer luck. Oh, the memories…………

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