When Manchester United Came To Town

Manchester United soccer team

Talk about a happy day!  I was so excited when I found out Manchester United was coming to my hometown.  I finally didn’t have to travel out-of-town to go see them.  Yes!  I made sure everything was in order immediately:

  • Tickets bought on the first-day sale—check
  • Great seats—check
  • Sexy Man United shirt personally made for me—check
  • Track players’ flight itinerary—check
  • Stalk out their hotel—check

No, no—not that last one really.  I’m not that crazy I don’t think.  I just love them in my own sweet way!  Ahhh.  I root for them all the way.

And how cool is it that I was sitting directly behind their bench at the game?  Yay!  I mean, these are my boys after all.

But the only thing I don’t like about watching them play when they come to the States during their hiatus from their regular season is the fact that not all the First Team players are playing.  What is that about?

I mean, I want to see the actual players I see on the telly each season who I actually root for when I’m watching it.  I don’t particularly want to see the new recruits just because they need some ‘experience’ and ‘practice’ playing with the team during the off-season.  I paid money to see the real deal, baby—my First Team BOYS!  Don’t mess with me.  But at least a few of the First Team guys actually played—just not all of them like I would have liked.

Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United
The one and only–Sir Alex Ferguson

To all my people that know Sir Alex like I do—I swear to God if he wasn’t chewing gum I wouldn’t even recognize him.

Manchester United staff

So, if you have nothing else to do today, expose yourself to the world of Manchester United and watch a game or two.  These boys are good at what they do.  Check their stats.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Eventually make it to see a home game at Old Trafford in Manchester, England and scheme to buy the team from the Glazers at some point.

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