A New Mexican Hot Spot

Chicken Taquitos & Pork Carnitas

Chicken Taquitos and Carnitas made with braised pork shoulder, adobo, grilled pineapple, cilantro, onion, and lime.

So I went to a new Mexican joint in town—well, it’s fairly new.  It’s actually been around about 18 months but this was my first time there.  Here you have good authentic Mexican cuisine being delivered right to your table.

There was a bit of spice to my dishes, but I was able to muster it down.  I don’t like spicy foods with a lot of heat—or any heat really.  I really don’t like the idea of my mouth burning full of flames while I’m trying to enjoy a meal.

I spend most of the time drinking large amounts of cold water just to put the fire out of my mouth.  Where’s the fun in that?!  This makes eating less enjoyable for me.  But despite the heat the food had, the food was REALLY good.

Pork Chimichanga and Queso Fundido made with chorizo rojo, Chihuahua cheese, poblano rajas, and oregano.

I just love when I can find a new hometown restaurant to try.  It’s always fun finding new things to add to your repertoire of knowledge of life.


Horchata made with rice, almond, canela, and vanilla.

Ahhh, this was a lovely drink.  I had never had a horchata before.  You know what it tasted like?  It tasted just like the rice, sugar, cinnamon, and milk I used to eat as a kid.

Now that I’m reminiscing about it, I think I shall like to make a bowl of it again soon.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find a Mexican joint you’ve never tried before in your hometown and enjoy the lovely cuisine they have to offer.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  It’s always good to have the fire department on speed-dial should you encounter a mouth full of spicy hot foods again.

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30 thoughts on “A New Mexican Hot Spot

  1. Just wondering is your Dish New Mexican or Mexican I mean no disrespect just wondering.. There is a difference I am from New Mexico .My family has Spanish blood. even though I am white.

    1. I’m not sure the difference, but I think it’s just Mexican. This was at a restaurant that serves Mexican food.

      1. Looks good . I like Mexican food :)and on Toilets I agree what you wrote.. Before I leave I use if I have to go I have to hold as best as can.. Hope you are having a nice day and nice to meet you.

  2. Just joined your following. I am the same when it comes to spicey food. I watch my son-in-law literally sweating while eating, swearing he loves every bite. Something is wrong here!

      1. Ho ho ho. There will be when I get my hands on it! 😉
        I would add rice wine into it. It might mix well into it!
        He he he (Imagine me drunk, dancing like Kung Fu Panda!)

  3. When you find your mouth is unhappy with what you have just fed it in the way of hot Mexican food, milk or yogurt is the “cure”. Water just tends to spread the agony around.

    1. That’s what I heard. But water seems to be the only thing on the table at the time when I’m eating out. I’ve tried milk before, too, at home and it didn’t seem to work as quickly as I would have liked it to.

      1. Yogurt or sour cream will help, too. Their viscosity allows the substance to stay on the affected area longer than a fluid. A lot of Mexican food is served with sour cream, so maybe that is why. ;->

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