It's A Rock Star Mexican Night

Chicken Chimichanga

Chicken Chimichanga with rice and beans.

So I decided to stop at a Mexican joint to get take-out.  Surprisingly, the food actually made it to my house this time without getting devoured in the car first.

If you’re wondering why there are two entrées, wonder no more.  It’s ME we’re talking about here!  When you can’t decide between entrées, you know my rule of thumb—just get them both to enjoy.

Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken Quesadilla with rice, beans, lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream.

My fun evening:

Eating Mexican, listening to ‘Treasure’ by Bruno Mars blasting through my crib, bobbing my head like a rock star, dancing all around the house, and stuffing my face.

Yeah, it’s what I do.  If you could only see me now.  I’m having a great time!  Can it get any better than this?!  It’s one big party for ONE, y’all!!  Heeeyyyyy!

Topped it all off with a Gooey Butter Cake.  Yeah, that’s right.  The super nice man who is always surprising me with butter cake all the time, DID HIS THING AGAIN!!  And I’m LOVIN’ IT!  Yeah, baby.

I love unexpected surprises (it makes me smile BIG) and I’m not one to turn down a free butter cake—EVER!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, find your favorite Mexican restaurant and order up some take-out food, crank up Bruno Mars ‘Treasure’ (or one of your favorite songs), and dance like there’s no tomorrow while you bob your brains out!

Take-Away Life Lesson:  When you can’t decide what you want the most of off of the menu—just get one of each and stop stressing your brain.  It’ll be ok.  Eat from both entrées.  And if you try really hard, you could probably stretch some of it out for tomorrow’s leftovers.

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    1. Only the butter cake I mentioned. I just didn’t take a picture of it this time since I was in such a hurry to eat it! 🙂

        1. Yeah, I should have gotten ice cream. But the dessert was an unexpected surprise. So who am I to argue about free food? 😉

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