My Trip To Chennai, India (Part 2)

Thiruvanmiyur Beach food vendor

For this part of my trip, one stop we made was to Thiruvanmiyur Beach.  (Thiruvanmiyur is like a suburb of Chennai.)

We ate cotton candy and kulfi ice cream (yummy) while beach strolling and passing by many food vendors—some of which had the most pretty and colorful food.  But eating from ‘street’ vendors is not always the best idea.  It’s just a chance you take.  It’s not always a bad idea—but you sometimes might pay for it later (if you know what I mean).

It was fun to watch all the waves and people surfing.  I have to say—the beach could have been a little cleaner though.  It would have been a much nicer beach had the locals not trashed it so much with litter and such.

It was also interesting to see how many people were fully clothed at the beach—and fully clothed in the water.  It’s so different from how it is in other parts of the world where people wear swimsuits, bikinis, and swim trunks if they’re headed to the beach.  And it was HOT in Chennai!  I could never wear so many clothes like that on a hot day at the beach at home.  Chennai is definitely a more conservative place as is the majority of India.  It was interesting to experience and see a different culture from what I’m used to.

After we left the beach, we passed a religious parade going on in the street.  So I whipped out my video camera to record it—and they saw me.  So they decided to stop for a minute so I could film them and then they proceeded on their merry way.

We also stopped by a juice hut that had fresh fruit all around and our drinks were made to order.  So fresh and delicious, I must say.  Later that evening we ventured to an Indian restaurant called Bombay Brasserie.  Yummy Indian goodness!  I think I discovered buttered naan is one of my favorite things to eat in India.


Me & He at Diff 42 Restobar


We also ventured to a restobar called Diff 42.  There are lots of restobars in Chennai and this particular spot had some pretty good music you could groove to.  We ordered crispy chicken, stuffed mushrooms, chicken stroganoff, and drinks.  Had a lovely time.

The next morning at home, he made me a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs and French toast that I drizzled honey onto.

Later that afternoon, we went to a local mall and shopped and then went to watch the ‘Ghostbusters’ movie at the theater there.  The movie wasn’t that great and was rather boring, but we surrounded ourselves with plenty of food to stuff ourselves with—and I mean plenty!

And, of course, later that evening we ended the day with even more food as always.