Ooooo—A New Hometown Cafe!

Cafe - Baked Goods

Baked goods at their finest.

Oh, I just LOVE when new little cafes pop up around town.  I had the fortunate pleasure of being invited to a “Grand Opening” of this new cafe in town.  Meaning FREE FOOD for the invitees.  O-kaaaay!  Who am I to turn down a free meal?

I just happen to know the manager who will be running this little shindig called Corner Bakery Cafe.  The place is marvelous and I could not possibly speak enough about the baked goods that I saw through the glass case as my eyes got bigger and bigger.

Egg Scrambler made with eggs, applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, green onions, cheddar cheese, and avocado; served with potatoes, toast, and a cinnamon muffin.

French Toast made with cinnamon-swirled brioche bread baked in vanilla custard and a side of maple syrup; served with applewood smoked bacon, and fruit.

I was offered the chance to come to either breakfast, lunch, or dinner and I chose to go early morning to breakfast.  My, my, my—how I just LOVED my egg scramble.  That sucker was amazingly good.  I’m definitely going back for another helping of that at some point.

Why do all of these hometown cafes have to be so good?  I mean, now we’re talking this makes the THIRD different cafe I will now be shuffling back and forth to.  All three of them literally make a big triangle in my city—or at least a funny looking shaped triangle, but a triangle nonetheless.

They are spaced country miles apart from each other—which doesn’t help ME any!  Who’s bright idea was this?  I don’t understand why they can’t all be right next door to each other to make MY life easier.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, search high and low for new cafes/hometown diners opening up in your part of town and give them a try.  You just may discover some new deliciousness in your part of the world.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Running around between three different cafes in town spaced miles and miles apart from each other is a lot of work—but someone’s got to do it so it might as well be you.

Baked Desserts From That New Cafe
I Found A New Little Diner!
I Luuuuvvv A Good Breakfast

33 thoughts on “Ooooo—A New Hometown Cafe!

      1. You may laugh at me but that stuff makes me drool like a teething baby! You wouldn’t want to be seen eating with me… Besides, I’d have to abscond with your dinner napkin too just to wipe the droolies! Lol

  1. we’ve talked about this here before, but absolutely yes to the hometown cafes and diners. One of a kind spots, yay. Chain restaurants, (usually) boo. That bakery case looks killer! Yes, please 🙂

    1. WHAT?! What is the meaning of this nonsense of no cafes on the other side of this world. You should walk around with picket signs.

      1. Hahaha could I maybe just hang a sign on the first passing donkey? But on the serious side, I do laughingly call our sitting room where we receive visitors, “Mohamed’s coffee shop” (except that he only serves tea! ) people drop in unannounced all the time here, it’s part of the culture, sort of fills the same need as the cafe, don’t you think? Of course chocolate pastries are not going to happen in my kitchen… And even if a genie whipped them up, I’d eat all myself and never tell anyone! ;^)))

    1. I know! Wouldn’t that be fabulous if I could just slip some of the food through the computer to you? Such are my dreams.

  2. Wow Loving, lucky you. Free food thrown in as well. I just wish this village had a cafe especially for those summer morning breakfasts outside. Happy Sunday. Ralph xox 😀

    1. Aw, Ralph. We gotta get you a hometown diner down there soon. Villages in Spain shouldn’t miss out on all this goodness!

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