More Fun Times At That Newfound Diner

French Toast at the diner

French Toast made with thick sourdough bread dipped in a secret batter, topped with butter, powdered sugar, and maple syrup.

How can you not love three thick pieces of buttery goodness French toast?

Ranch Wrap made with fried chicken, avocado, bacon, tomato, ranch dressing, Jack & cheddar cheese, and a spring mix wrapped in a garlic-herb tortilla.

Wrapped Up made with egg whites, turkey, avocado, mushrooms, and Jack cheese wrapped in a spinach tortilla; served with salsa and fresh fruit.

Fried Chicken Salad made with fried chicken, chopped romaine, tomatoes, Jack & cheddar cheese, onions, cucumbers, bacon, egg, croutons, and ranch dressing; served with a muffin.

Chicken Salad Sandwich made with chicken salad, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese on a croissant; served with fries.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, keep going to your favorite diner till you’ve tried everything on their menu at least once.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  There’s nothing wrong with having found a new little diner as your second home.

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17 thoughts on “More Fun Times At That Newfound Diner

  1. LOL I love fat french toast! All that food makes my mouth water! We don’t have any diners around here… restraunts are non-existant, too, so I have to do it myself if I want to eat it! Thanks for visiting my Oasis and ‘Like’ing my posts, I see you liked the pigeons stuffed with rice v did you ever try it? I look forward to your new posts now that I’m following you! ;^)

  2. I love hanging out at diners and so does my wife – unfortunately, we haven’t found any really good ones in our area. (Waffle House doesn’t count.) So… enjoy, and post more pictures and descriptions!

    1. Lol. N0—Waffle House can’t even compare to a good ol’ diner. If you happen to be in my city, let me know this (either the city you reside in or near or who you are) and I’ll give you the name of the diner if you want to try it out. Just send me a message to my personal email account from my Contact Page. Always glad to share my discoveries. 🙂 Until then, I’m always glad to keep posting pics and descriptions that make your mouth water. 😉 Thanks for commenting!

  3. I received the email notice of your entry this time, but they’ve changed it so that no pictures show up; just the url’s to the pictures.

  4. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. I will have an order of the French Toast please. 🙂 And some orange juice and coffee and a couple of slices of bacon and maybe the pastry to go.
    I’m dreaming of course. Just finished my oatmeal.

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