I Finally Got An Actual Camera

Nikon Coolpix P330 Camera

I am SO excited!  I finally got my very own new digital camera!  Now I won’t be solely at the mercy of my cell phone for picture-taking.  Of course I chose one of the higher-ranked cameras that Consumer Reports recommended.  (Those people help me so much with my decision-making process.  I just love them like family!)

This Nikon Coolpix P330 is perfect because it’s just small enough that I can carry it around with me every day without a lot of bulk.  But, naturally, a DSLR is next on my list of cameras to get much later down the road.

Nikon Coolpix P330 Camera

Now I get to play with figuring out how to work it on every level.  Oh, JOY!

So, if you have nothing else to do today, research and get yourself a brand new doodad of a camera.  It can really bring a smile to your face.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  If anybody’s in my vicinity from this day forward, I’m probably going to find a reason to take a picture of you or with you—so WATCH OUT!

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31 thoughts on “I Finally Got An Actual Camera

  1. My wife is a photo taking addict. She could take a photo of the wall and somehow consider this “normal.” Lol. Which DSLR did you end up acquiring?

    I can’t even deny it, because I’m participating on the addiction now. After creating my Instagram page in November, I now get why she used to take so many photos. I used to make fun of her for taking so many photos on our vacations, but now I’m yearning for those photos. Lol. Nonetheless, I no longer make fun.

    1. I haven’t gotten a DSLR yet, but that’s next on my list. The digital one I got is better than what my cell phone takes. But I’m definitely going the DSLR route next. I think I’m going to set myself up on Instagram here soon, too. It seems I’m the only one without one and it looks like fun. Just recently I’ve been starting to think like your wife, too. Take loads of pictures of everything everywhere I go and for two reasons—(1) because sometimes I have to take that many just to find a good one that I like and (2) you only live once and pictures are always a moment in time and memories to look back on. I wish I had taken so many pictures of so many things a few years ago that I never did and now there’s no way to go back and do it. Those moments have passed. I carry my small digital with me everywhere I go every day because you never know when that moment will happen—and, of course, I always have the cell phone with me to use as backup.

      1. She bought a Canon EOS Rebel T3i about two years ago, when it first launched. She loves it and I grew to love it as well. She’s now looking to upgrade the lens, but hasn’t settled on the “one.” yet. LoL. The additional lens can get pretty pricey, but she believes they are worth it, which falls in line with the photographers we have met.

        I definitely recommend looking into the DSLR, but only when you’ve mastered your digi cam. The camera doesn’t make the photo beautiful–you do. This is another concept the photographers made clear. Since I love sharing info, I definitely thought you should know. They mentioned all the equipment in the world cannot make a photo stunning, if the holder doesn’t understand the basics.

        I rather enjoy Instagram. You encounter so many different individuals and with each post, you can tell a story through the photo or its caption. Looking forward to seeing you on there.

        1. Thanks for the info. I’m thinking of taking a photography class one day. I think I’d enjoy it and understand more about cameras. I’ll have to let you know when I get Instagram going. The first thing I’ll try to do is find and follow all my fellow bloggers that have an Instagram.

  2. Thats a top camera, we used the same one at AES. Many other companies use it too! It got top praise, and reviews!!

  3. I love love love this. I also got a camera for Christmas and reading the manual was not my idea of fun. Who knew there was so much you could do with a camera. This being said, I look forward to seeing all your amazing pictures. =)

    1. I know. I had no idea there was so much stuff to a camera. But it helps to know all the info about it to be able to take the best pictures you can. That’s great you got a camera, too!

  4. I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix 510 and love it. Nikon put good lenses in their cameras apparently (have been told that several times). I’m not sure if you are on Facebook but if you are, “like” this page and you’ll get heaps of easy to understand help with photography. Hubby Russ and I are doing a 3 hour photography workshop in Perth city on Saturday-maybe lookout for one of them near you. And always carry your camera-you can’t take photos if you don’t have it with you xox https://www.facebook.com/digitalps

    1. That’s a good idea, Jan! I think I’m going to look for a photography class. That would be a fun class to take and I’d understand my camera better, too. It’s small enough that I plan to keep it with me at all times. Thanks!

  5. lol, the pressure on you now for your blog photos 😉 haha, my husband got a nice camera for Christmas which ups the ante for my photos as well. Hope you are enjoying your new toy!

    1. Oh I am, Liz! So far with some of the pics I’ve taken I’m starting to wonder if my cell phone isn’t the better picture-taker. Either that or I’m still trying to get the hang of it! Now your hubs can take your foods pics for you!

  6. Looks like a good little camera. I carry a similar Canon SD1100IS in my purse at all times. Not as good as your new one, but a good back up when the “good” camera is not at hand. That said, my iPhone takes most of my food pictures, and does a good job of it.

    See if you can find a case for for your new camera ASAP. Tumbles happen, especially when you are new at handling that particular piece of equipment.

    1. I’m way ahead of you, Judilyn! I almost forgot about a case but thought about it right before leaving the store. It just barely fits the camera, too. I didn’t want it getting all banged up and scratched. Yeah, iPhones take pretty good pics but I don’t have one. My phone is just ‘so-so’ with pictures. Some days are better than others tho. I’m sure I’ll still use my phone, too.

      1. Your post is pertinent because today I had been researching “purse” cameras. I’ve been lusting for the new iPhone to replace my iPhone4, which is now three revs out of date, but the cost stopped me dead in my tracks.

        I finally realized that since I rarely talk on the telephone, what I REALLY wanted was the camera in the new iPhone, so maybe I should focus (ahem!) on looking at just getting a new camera that would transfer pictures via WiFi.

        Since it was only my sloth pushing me to get a new camera, I brought out my lovely and tiny Canon from the bottom of my purse. To my great surprise, the battery showed FULL after being ignored completely for probably at least a year. How can you not love a camera like that? So I lovingly put it back in its case and returned it to the bottom of my purse.

        Then your post hit my computer, and I fished it out again! Most of the newer ones do not have a viewfinder, which is a deal breaker for me. Since mine does, it’s like falling in love all over again!!

        Thanks for making me see what a lovely camera I already have! ;->

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