A Day In The Park


It’s been forever since I’ve actually been to a park.  I may have been a wee one the last time I went (who knows?)—but today I had an opportunity to go with an acquaintance unexpectedly.  It was a pretty hot day today so I decided to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and my tenny shoes/trainers.

I walked around the entire park chatting up a storm and looking at all the people who came out to enjoy a day in the park—whether they were walking, running, or playing sports.

I came to a spot during the walk where I was looking out into a sea of beautiful greenery—green grass and green trees for miles it seemed.  The picture definitely doesn’t look as beautiful as my eye remembers it.  Ahhh, the beauty of nature with its calm and sereneness.

After a couple of hours of a hot and humid day, it was time to head home.  I can only be without air conditioning for so long—let’s get real.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, get out and enjoy a walk in the park and enjoy the sights and scenery around you.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  You can learn so much from other people out of a good two-hour relaxing chit-chat session surrounded by beauty.

34 thoughts on “A Day In The Park

  1. I’ve been longing for that walk/picnic in the park for a while now but the rigth opportunity has not presented itself. Besides, it is rainy season here… Now you have refreshed that need, thank you

  2. Feeling the beauty of nature around you, wherever you may be or end up, is truly a great gift and something I admire every day. Glad you can admire it too. Continue being beautiful xo

  3. Talk about air conditioning… When I went to Japan two years ago to visit my cousins, it was during one of their hottest (and muggiest) times. Electricity is so expensive there yet they ran the air for my son and I for our rooms. Although they don’t like it either, they are used to it. That tells us something about our selfish society, oui? But I am happy you enjoyed yourself.

  4. Great advice! I just got back from NYC and enjoyed Central Park and several other parks, including the High Line.

    I <3 walking through parks!

    <3 carmen

  5. I love being outside. The problem in my region right now is it’s just too hot. I’d stick around outside more if it’s cooler, but for now I’ll just enjoy walking the dog and checking on the plants in the backyard.

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