An Intimate Dinner For One

Chicken Fried Rice & Spring Rolls

Vegetable Spring Rolls with julienned carrots, cabbage, celery, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and  sweet & sour sauce; Chicken Fried Rice tossed in soy sauce with egg, carrots, bean sprouts, and scallions.

This place is one of my favorite China Bistro’s.  Every time I happen to go to PF Chang’s, I manage to order the same thing over and over again—but it’s what I love.

The spring rolls are delish dipped in the sweet & sour sauce—every single time!  I did try a sweet chili sauce they gave me but I didn’t like it as well as my regular sweet & sour sauce that’s grown on me.  The chicken fried rice I could eat for days on end—they give you so much of it.

But on three separate occasions, I always asked for an order of two spring rolls but they always came back with four.  I only paid for two but ended up with four each time.  Not sure where the disconnect was—but I’m not complaining since I’m not being charged for their mistake, and more importantly, I get to keep all four to myself!

I decided to treat myself out for dinner on this fine evening as I do so many other evenings which is how I wound up here.  The food and I had a beautiful time together as we always do.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, head down yonder to PF Chang’s and ask for an order of two spring rolls for your appetizers and then cross your fingers that they come out with four by mistake.  Just make sure you’re only paying for two.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Though it’s nice eating out with friends at times, sometimes it’s nice going out to have dinner by your lone self every now and again.  The conversations you and yourself will have are usually more informative.

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20 thoughts on “An Intimate Dinner For One

    1. I do, too, Brandie. There’s nothing wrong with it and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I always enjoy myself when I’m out by myself.

  1. After awhile, you will get tired of eating by yourself, no matter how romantic it is. ? I didn’t know until recently that Paul Fleming had Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse franchises before buying Chang’s.

  2. How had I missed this great post? No Chang’s nearby, but will keep my eye out for it in other cities. Love fried rice – my own is just NEVER as good as from a restaurant.

    Virtual hugs,


      1. I like my own version, but there is just something about the fried rice in a restaurant that is just “that” much better. I think it is that their rice is drier and more fluffy somehow.

        One trick I have used is to order a take out of just plain fried rice and then build my own meal around it, using my own meats and veggies. Haven’t done this for a very long time, but at the time, the cost was less than $2., and it seemed we were eating on it forever.

        1. That’s a good idea to build your own. Never thought of that. But, yeah, they do give you a whole lot of that stuff.

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