Colored Hair & Pink Pastels

Street Style - Women

(At a fashion show)

Zachary’s sister stood out with the green color on the tips of her hair for a bit of fun.  The neutral and subtle colors of her outfit made the green pop out in her hair.  With a pretty sheer pastel dress and the addition of a fur around the neck, she’s ready to go.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, have some fun with hair coloring or accessorize with a great fur.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  To make a tiny bit of color stand out, keep the colors around it subdued and neutral somewhat.

25 thoughts on “Colored Hair & Pink Pastels

  1. Pastels are so soothing on the eye. The shoes, the bag and the fur go so very well together. But Ouch! the hair. The green color so seems to draw the attention away from all of that.She could put them back maybe. Unable to gauge the lady’s mood : Calm and Sober OR Vibrant and Go getter. What ever it is, she sure makes a statement…

  2. This girl could wear a gunny sack and would look good. But being an old fart, I always thought that off-the-wall hair colors were just a cheap trick to draw attention. Her great-looking flowing hair style needs nothing extra, and certainly not a shot of green. And I have always been a fan of subdued spring colors that don’t jump out at you…Oh dear Lord, if any of my bass fishing buddies were to see this comment I would be laughed out of Kelly’s Bar and Grill. So for my reputation’s sake, keep my comments to yourself.

    1. Lol! I was just thinking the same thing as I was reading your very thorough comment here. Those bass fisherman have no idea!

  3. LOVE adding just a bit of color to hair with streaks, extensions, what not. Had a blue extension for years and now am trying to find something a bit more permanent and that works with shorter hair.

    What fun you’re having with fashion 🙂

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