For The Love Of Plaid

Street Style - Men

Social Worker
(At a fashion show)

A color combination of blue and green a lot of people may not have tried, but it worked for this guy.  He totally had the look for it.  The plaid shirt stood out and the rugged brown shoes set it off.

So, if you have nothing else to do today, get creative with a plaid print in a fun color on the top or the bottom.

Take-Away Life Lesson:  Unexpected color combinations can sometimes work well together when you least expect it.

9 thoughts on “For The Love Of Plaid

  1. I really wish the plaid-for-guys thing would go away. Plaid is plaid; it’s intersecting stripes. Only about 5% of plaid designs are unique or interesting. Most look like they are from KMart. I can look at 500 shirts in a store and walk out bored and empty-handed. Bring back the crisp, subtle geometrics of Sahara Club, Claiborne for Men, and WilliWear!

    1. It’s sad when some stores can be boring and don’t have what appeals to you. Thank goodness there are millions of stores to choose from if one doesn’t work out!

  2. I could just about see myself in that, although I’m not sure it’s the right green for me. But I’ve always had a difficult relationship with fashion.

    1. I think it’d be a good look for you! We can always work with other shades of green and I’m always here to help you through it. 🙂

  3. I think each of these people you featured from the fashion show were given a spark of happiness from you and your camera. I can see the joy in their faces. There you go, spreading the love again 🙂

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